Free layouts!

Posted 2 years, 2 months ago (Edited 5 months, 27 days ago) by cy

I just finished up two new ones over the past couple of days so I figured it's a good time to throw these out there!

From newest to oldest:

Flexible Boxes


Miscellaneous CSS tweaks for the default layout
Pure CSS/HTML spoiler boxes

Feel free to modify the code as you need! For the newer ones I've separated out some parts for easy customisation.
I won't be answering questions about modifications though, sorry...
If you decide to use the misc tweaks in your own layouts (free or otherwise) I'm cool with that
I'm not fussy about credit, though if you'd like to, please credit my side account aleator!

I'll update this thread whenever I make something new but it probably won't be any time soon I think

asfdasdf omg thanks so much these are awesome <3


Not a layout, but added spoiler box code - had that lying around for quite a long time because I wasn't satisfied with how they work but what the heck, it's better than nothing


Small bump!

bumping because these are cool and people should see them.



Used thankyou :D!! I'll start modifying today, so gald to find some css to work with!

How do I use these?


prinxcipe You need to upgrade to a premium account first!

cy I'm using one of them ^^ Sorry for not asking beforehand.


@nero-redfield You don't have to, I hope you're liking it!

cy I actually ended up using 2 of them. One for my characters and one for my profile and I am loving them!! Thank you very much for making these..!! ^^

Uhh hey ! I'm a bit confused on how to use these? ;v; Its the placing of the code where im not sure abt??


Cinnabun Hi! Are you trying to change your user profile or character profiles?
If you want to change your user profile layout, go to Settings in the menu -> click on Profile in the sidebar -> paste code in the Profile CSS box. You can also change all your characters' CSS from the same page by pasting in the Global Characters CSS box.
If you just want to change a single character's profile CSS, go to that character's editing page and paste it in the Character CSS box.

cy Ah! I was just confused about the code itself, i didn't know what part of the code i needed to paste into the boxes ;v;''


Cinnabun All of it! Just to be sure though, which one are you looking at?