Free layouts!

Posted 2 years, 2 months ago (Edited 5 months, 27 days ago) by cy

I just finished up two new ones over the past couple of days so I figured it's a good time to throw these out there!

From newest to oldest:

Flexible Boxes


Miscellaneous CSS tweaks for the default layout
Pure CSS/HTML spoiler boxes

Feel free to modify the code as you need! For the newer ones I've separated out some parts for easy customisation.
I won't be answering questions about modifications though, sorry...
If you decide to use the misc tweaks in your own layouts (free or otherwise) I'm cool with that
I'm not fussy about credit, though if you'd like to, please credit my side account aleator!

I'll update this thread whenever I make something new but it probably won't be any time soon I think

using these forever

thank you ffor existing

thank you so much for these!

When I took a look at the WUG one it changed the look of my profile, and now I don't know how to shut it off. I tried refreshing the page thinking it was temporary, but it still looks like WUG (I have no idea what I'm doing). OTL

Suoish these are layouts for the old toyhouse design so they will only work with the legacy option. maybe you can try toggling that on to fix things? Otherwise I'd suggest sending in a ticket so they can clear the CSS for you. If you want the WUG design, in the stickied thread of starlipop here in the CSS subforum there is a version that was recoded to work with the new coding of toyhouse!

A friend helped me. She told me to just empty all the CSS slots on my settings and it worked. I was so confused. No idea why it did that when I just previewed it.

bumps this up bc good codes !!

um I have a question, I saw people having like stamps from deviantart on their character tables but how do you add it? 

blueberrybonbon You link them like images.

ah ok tysm