Posted 3 months, 29 days ago (Edited 2 months, 1 day ago) by manigordo

Currently in the process of moving everything code-related to my coding account: fio!! I've reposted the thread here.

Sorry for the trouble!

fio Yes, I do mean in cluttered. The CODE button on the bottom sends to an 'invalid user' page when clicked on as it tries to redirect to "manigordo". I've changed it's redirect to "fatpeanut" for now. If you want me to change it again just say the word :3

@yasashi ooooooh lmao, i forgot about that
I changed the username of the wrong account by accident cause im a dumbass, I'm planning on going back to manigordo as soon as i can. Once I go back I am changing my side account to Fio tho, so if you wanna change it to that you can! But credit links will be working again in like ~2 weeks

fio Gotcha! I'll leave it as Manigordo then if it's gonna be fixed. I just wanted to make sure you knew what was up to make sure you were properly credited :3

Using animal crossing one on him! Might use for other characters as well! o vo/

another bump 4 fio