feather's free HTML codes (2/23 - any homestucks?)

Posted 2 years, 1 month ago (Edited 10 months, 18 days ago) by _featherweather

Feather's Freebies

I'll be updating this so it looks nice at some point but today is not that day rip.

Here's codes i have so far, please take a look. rules are located here.



DASKFLN yeah totally! My codes are free to edit however you want 

(And pfft I do not have a monopoly on that kind of coding)


Thank you so much ! ^__^ haha had to ask in case since I'm not very familiar with coding


using the basic redux uwu


AceOfAllTrades sweet! hope you enjoy


hEY this thread hasn't been responded to in a while but I just wanted to say that I really love your code! And that I'm using your Species code for a character that isn't a special species because it has the tabs that I want, if that's okay ;u;


NorthernDownpour totally okay for you to use for non species! 

I've been busy off site bit im glad you enjoy the codes and find them helpful ♡ 


i wanted to say that i love fortitude! love the original by shinsou, love how you edited it, and im planning on using it for my bnha character miton and any other bnha ocs i upload (which is looking like itll be a few lol-). figured id let you know that i love all your codes a lot!


Makki I'm glad you enjoy!


new code up, tabbed post (as seen in my trade thread lol)
maybe i'll switch this thread coding to this as well in the future


I really like your calendar code, I might use it someday <3


Tick thank you! 


I love the Homestuck code, I have a bunch of Homestuck OCs and I want to use that!! 0:


ThePencilRiot feel free to use to your hearts content! All my codes are free to use ♡ 


_featherweather thanks a lot <3 I'm very excited about it :D