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So...a lot of my free time has been going to making WYSIWYG-friendly templates (mainly cause scratch html/css codes confuse me too much OTL )?? the ones that you can make just by using all the resources given to begin with? everyone could make this kind of stuff really but ive been having a lot of fun making them and thought that some others who can't/don't want to make their own/find html/css too complicated to work with could use them!! all the ones ive been making are F2U and I don't plan to make money off of any of it since...it doesn't really require much work to do kjhfgh
but there's the one's I've made so far for anyone who's interested!!

01 - Boxes
live preview & copy-paste code
The first one I made- it's pretty simple really! It has the basic info section, a small summary section, then there's the bigger personality and relationship section. It's the most detail one I've done so far, even though there's so little detail to it,,, 
02 - Adoptables
live preview & copy-paste code
I made this one specifically for the adopts I'm trading/selling on here! Something small but has all the information you need to put on an adoptable profile ( like the TOS, the price/ota offer preferences, original designer/who to credit for the design, stuff like that!)
03 - Aesthetics
live preview & copy-paste code
This one is really picture-packed, meant for like-- a more aesthetically pleasing look! The information available on it is super scarce though
04 - One Piece
live preview & copy-paste code
I specifically made this one for one piece fan characters!! Specifically one for pirates since my fan character is a pirate, haha. Filled with lots of good information that I think is good to include for your one piece fan character!
05 - Gaia
live preview & copy-paste code
I made this for my gaiaonline avatar characters since I have a lot of them, but you're free to use it for whatever your heart desires!! it's very small and brief but has a big relationship section ( which you can edit to be smaller if you'd like )

A LOT of them are super small and don't have a lot of info to put in them since I prefer to keep my profile stuff small and minimalist, but I might make one with a LOT more content in the future!! I also plan to make more for more specific things, and possibly even some user profile stuff? idk.~ but feel free to use all of these if you want!! as long as you keep the credit ( seriously, I know these are easy to make but please don't remove the credit ) you're free to do whatever with them!! <3
I'll try to edit this post with every new template I create but just in case, here's the folder I sort my layouts into: [ ~owo~ ]


These look really nice!!! If you don't mind me asking... where did you learn to code? I watched some hour-long youtube videos, but a lot of things are still very confusing to me ;v;


thank you!! qoq for my coding stuff I just played around with the WYSIWYG setting and made some tweaks in the code view to make sure everything looked ok! the main thing i use are tables and the code view itself: example_by_spookiiboi-dce0pz4.pngi suggest playing around with the settings, that's what mainly did to learn to do what I can do! for actual html and css coding help, there are plenty of threads on here and sites elsewhere that can help!! it can be very difficult to understand at first but with enough perseverance im sure you'll be able to learn!! qvq9


@leefiisweetie Oh wow that's actually really cool!

Actually, I just tried out a code I just made on one of my characters Dillon (if you wanted to see it). I used a downloaded application called sublime, but when I pasted the whole code into the bio, not everything translated over perfectly :(. Code is just very confusing but I know I'll get better with time! I'm actually amazed with what I've done so far :0