Replace "toggle spoiler" text?

Posted 3 months, 10 days ago (Edited 3 months, 10 days ago) by Fvhn

Eyyy I'm reusing a thread because I feel wasteful making another... 

Is there a way to change the text when you make a spoiler?

It automatically says "Toggle Spoiler" but I'd love to make it say "See More" or something... is that possible? (if it makes a difference, this is specifically for a thread post)

Jayden that should work, thank you!!!!


okay that didn't work..

okay does THIS work?


edit : noppee

Lorem ipsum dolor text....

I'm just not cut out for this xD

I tried using things from here:

but none of them seem to work for a reason that is probably very obvious to someone better versed in this stuff. ( Jayden ? lowkeywicked ?)


we're stuck with the default spoiler box in the forums - things like collapse aren't whitelisted here (probably for the best)

as for changing the name of the spoiler box, i don't think there's a way :'3c because it's using a class (fr-spoiler) that styles it to have a title

Ahaa. Thanks vom !