free html layout!

Posted 9 months, 8 days ago by paranormal-thingum

so i was messing around with the html on a character ive got set to private and i thought "oh hey this is actually pretty good what the heck'

so i cleaned it up a little bit and removed all the colors and added some scroll bars and image boxes to it and now uh. its here

named wallspin because that was what i was listening to at the time

features include:

  • 2 spoiler boxes
  • at least one scrollbar
  • not one but TWO image boxes because the empty space looked weird to me you can remove the second one if you dont want it
  • spinny star icon things!
  • placeholder images and text that youre definitely going to want to remove as soon as possible because they make you look like too much of a meme gremlin was made by someone who barely understands html let alone bootstrap so dont be surprised if it implodes as soon as you change an image or something. at least i can say i tried


oh 5 seconds after i made it public i found a mistake i missed thats good

anyway that should be fixed now i accidentally set the first spoiler box's text to white because the theme i use has dark colors and i forgot that'd be unreadable on the default


i love this and neil omg