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Tick's free HTML stuff

Welcome, welcome to my HTML coding thread thingy!
I'm still kind of a beginner when it comes to toyhouse coding, but I made a few character profiles that can be used for free. Both profiles so far are designed for desktop.

Rules for using my codes
- You are free to edit the codes as you wish, but please don't remove the credit.
- Please don't claim the coding as your own.
- Please let me know when you're using one of my codes.

Code 1 [ Character Profile ]

A simple character profile that features a large image and a big text box for information about your character.


Code 2 [ Character Profile ]

Various boxes for information, as well as two square images.



These are lovely! Wonderful job on making them !! 💖


Jayden thank you ;w;


oooooooooo!! i love these they're so good!!


ohh i love Code 2! i hope it's fine if i use it for Jonah! <3


hewwo!! im gonna use the second one for my new girl!!


Ooo !! I think I'm gonna try using code one :D These are so good , thank you !!!!

Edit : okay I'm sorry but is there a way you could put the code in google docs ;v; I can't copy+paste on mobile with that site


MoonFlames Both code links have been replaced with ones that lead to a google doc, thanks for informing me the other site I used doesn't work well on mobile.

Callum SoulLugia11

I absolutely love these, especially Code 2! I'm using it for Callum here (and eventually my other babies in my Archipelago folders)! :D


Definitely using!


These are so cool >///< I love them I'll be using them <3 I still trying learn how make these type of things for toyhouse 


Will probably use them!! these are so great oml


I'll probably use that second code!! These are wonderful


these are awesome! (●♡∀♡) im probably going to use both of them at some point


Oh my god Code 2 is exactly one of the codes I'm looking for!! I'll fav it for future use <3


These are great! I'm using code 2.