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Posted 6 months, 6 days ago (Edited 6 months, 3 days ago) by Tick

Tick's free HTML stuff

Welcome, welcome to my HTML coding thread thingy!
I'm still kind of a beginner when it comes to toyhouse coding, but I made a few character profiles that can be used for free. Both profiles so far are designed for desktop.

Rules for using my codes
- You are free to edit the codes as you wish, but please don't remove the credit.
- Please don't claim the coding as your own.
- Please let me know when you're using one of my codes.

Code 1 [ Character Profile ]

A simple character profile that features a large image and a big text box for information about your character.


Code 2 [ Character Profile ]

Various boxes for information, as well as two square images.



hi i'm using code 2 !! it fits what i imagined for character profiles so thank u for sharing them :D


Oh I love these! Nice and simple with good information! I'll be using code two on some of my folks, once I get their info reorganized! <3

Edit: Some buckwild stuff happens when I start typing though, lmao! The circles where the images are supposed to go just shrink and shrink. ( Pic )