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Posted 7 months, 16 days ago (Edited 2 months, 7 days ago) by Shinsou

• Free Customs •

Just looking for a few users to make customs for, can be a single character
template, user template, or a bundle of both. 

Not first come first serve!
Having an idea sketch will 100% increase your chances of being chosen.
Bonus if it's purple themed.

These will be released for general use, please note they'll be edited to
have some sort of purple theme, since I personally enjoy purple.

If you want exclusive customs for your use only, they're $6+ each.


Free Templates

Thanks for reading.

• F a q •

  Can I have custom colors?


  Can I request more than one?
Again, absolutely.

  Do you think I could make it exclusive, for my use only?
Yes, for $6+

  Can you just edit one of your own templates for me?
Depends, ask.

  How long will it take?
Once again, it depends. Usually actually coding something takes an hour or two.

  Why do I have to pay?
You don't, if you want a freebie, it's free. It just means other's can use it too.

  Could you edit [user]'s template for me?
With their permission, I guess.

  Can I edit and redistribute the custom?

  Why does my request NEED an idea sketch?
It doesn't NEED one but it'd most likely be accepted if it does. I can't just work out what's in your head without it. 

  Could you make me a template based on/that is [color/theme]?
No, all templates can be any color/theme with some editing

  Do you make anything other than purple stuff?
For public, nope. Just edit it.

— Is there an easier way to contact you?
Via Discord, nico#3477

  Is there a list anywhere?
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Bold of you to assume I have my shit together. 




N3M3S1S There is a band themed layout by Jammy here !

As for the ideas, they seem very graphic specific, as in any layout as long as it matches a colour scheme kind of thing which isn't really what I'm asking for in terms of ideas. If you have a sketch template of a design that'd be wonderful, otherwise I'll have to respectfully decline, thank you!



On break, so I have some more free time to do these, will be going through the list over the next few days. 


Okay so IDK if you would be able/want to do this, but I really like [url=]this[/url] user profile, do you think you could do a character version of it? I was thinking you could maybe make the bio box on the left a little longer for it, and then where there are links now there could be tabs that open in the left bio part? The part that now is for characters could be relationships to c:


Hello ! First, really thanks for the opportunity. And I'd like to know if you'd be fine with a drawed sketch of the idea ? I'm not pretty good with explications. 


@Lost-in-progres Sure, sounds like a good idea. I’ll add it to the queue. 

Yuarei Absolutely, I prefer any form of visual explanation over just text (unless it’s something like the other user above you, which was nice and easy to understand). 


I had this sketch idea of a code that looked like this? Where you can hover over the question marks and it becomes text? IDK if it's possible though and if it were, I wouldn't know how to do it. Do you think this would be possible?


Hi~! I was wondering if you could possibly maybe make a template for a custom species? Preferably one with a lot of image spaces available, and some character links, along with a few descriptive boxes. I was thinking something like this [sorry the sketch is so lazy lmao]: LINK
Of course, I want you to put in some of your own creativity into it, if you want to!
If not, or your queue is full, feel free to skip over me! Thanks for the opportunity~




Question! Do you do premium HTML's as well or not? ;v;



It would depend on what you’re after; I don’t have premium so I can’t be certain on things working or not. 


hi! wondering if these are still going? if so i can sketch u up a quick idea of what id like. thanks! <3


Hi! I've been looking through your freebie codes and fell in love with the purple scheme they give so if you're still offering this kind of custom code service, could I ask for a custom mixing and some of your existing codes and adding some new things?

Is just that I'm trying to get a code for my Kingdom Hearts fan characters and they have a lot of Keyblades (weapons) with 7 slots each one for their atacks and a Pet with 6 slots for stuff. And of course, I represent them with diferent shades of purple so at much, I would ask for the color to be customizable so I can change the shade or put any other color if I end making any new one character.

So if you're still ofering the service AND my idea is possible to code, I would like a character profile with a header and editable BG like this one here [ ] but extending the bio part and adding the Likes, Stats, Dislikes you got here [ ] just below. Also adding some kind of undefined number of pic inventory slots that would open to reveal 7 inner slots in each former slot, and under all of that, a circle for the pet secction, that also would appear and reveal 6 slots and a lvl and scrolled trait box upon clicking on it.

Here I link the sketch for this messy description [ ]

And I think that would be all. If it's not possible to code all of this or I would require some kind of premium membership or something then don't worry. (I don't really know the lenght of the codes avaliable for non premium users cause I'm relatively new arround here)

Also I'm interested on the 3$ thing about making the code only for me, of course, if it's possible to make it.

Thank you for your time and I hope I did not come to late to ask //sweats