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Posted 9 months, 18 days ago (Edited 4 months, 9 days ago) by Shinsou

• Free Customs •

Just looking for a few users to make customs for, can be a single character
template, user template, or a bundle of both. 

Not first come first serve!
Having an idea sketch will 100% increase your chances of being chosen.
Bonus if it's purple themed.

These will be released for general use, please note they'll be edited to
have some sort of purple theme, since I personally enjoy purple.

If you want exclusive customs for your use only, they're $6+ each.


Free Templates

Thanks for reading.

• F a q •

  Can I have custom colors?


  Can I request more than one?
Again, absolutely.

  Do you think I could make it exclusive, for my use only?
Yes, for $6+

  Can you just edit one of your own templates for me?
Depends, ask.

  How long will it take?
Once again, it depends. Usually actually coding something takes an hour or two.

  Why do I have to pay?
You don't, if you want a freebie, it's free. It just means other's can use it too.

  Could you edit [user]'s template for me?
With their permission, I guess.

  Can I edit and redistribute the custom?

  Why does my request NEED an idea sketch?
It doesn't NEED one but it'd most likely be accepted if it does. I can't just work out what's in your head without it. 

  Could you make me a template based on/that is [color/theme]?
No, all templates can be any color/theme with some editing

  Do you make anything other than purple stuff?
For public, nope. Just edit it.

— Is there an easier way to contact you?
Via Discord, nico#3477

  Is there a list anywhere?
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Bold of you to assume I have my shit together. 


Shinsou neat!! thank you so much :D


hello! I'm interested in a custom, I don't quite have a "sketch" per se as to what i want but i have a pretty clear idea that i could translate into a sketch if that is what you'd like! I'm looking for 2 things, the first is a user profile with tabs for featured characters, best friends, and other websites, instead of most of the codes i've seen where it's combined onto one/two pages. the other is a forum post code for trading/selling characters, i'd gladly sketch this one out as describing it has already proven difficult lol




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