Free HTML code - interactive rpg box

Posted 6 months, 3 days ago by Unicore


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Just had a random idea a couple days ago that I liked enough to share that I kinda pieced together from what I've learned about coding so far lmao. It's not really a a profile, but idk maybe you can find a way to make it into one or make it a way for your oc to share information about themselves. 

I recommend making the background around 970 x 1000 or so


  • don't remove the credit
  • please replace the character image before making the profile public
  • you're free to edit this in anyway you like
  • feel free to ask if you have any questions

i really have to say this is super creative!


Oh this is really cool! Will be using it for characters later!!


This is so cool?? Oh my god,,,


This is really cool! I'll use this for several of my characters, but I'll probably put them on each character's tab.