Free HTML code - interactive rpg box

Posted 3 months, 7 days ago by Unicore


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Just had a random idea a couple days ago that I liked enough to share that I kinda pieced together from what I've learned about coding so far lmao. It's not really a a profile, but idk maybe you can find a way to make it into one or make it a way for your oc to share information about themselves. 

I recommend making the background around 970 x 1000 or so


  • don't remove the credit
  • please replace the character image before making the profile public
  • you're free to edit this in anyway you like
  • feel free to ask if you have any questions

i really have to say this is super creative!


Oh this is really cool! Will be using it for characters later!!


This is so cool?? Oh my god,,,