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Added the new site updates!


Another tiny addition to site updates has been added :>


how do I make icon links for outside sites?


Updated info on how to install codes in line with the new TH updates! .w. /



Hi there! If you mean that you would like to link your da, tumblr, instagram, etc, you'll want to use Font Awesome to pick out the icon you want and then turn it into a hyperlink like this:

<a href="#">
<i class="fab fa-deviantart"></i>

The end result will look something like this:

Try searching for the name of the site (Tumblr, DeviantArt, etc) in the search bar to see if they have the icon and replace 'deviantart' in the snippet above with the name of the site (e.g. for tumblr, <i class="fab fa-tumblr"></i>). Then replace the '#' with the url of your external link (e.g. '') and you're good to go!

Hope that helps!