🌺 Free Layouts // 2018-12-23: Wikia v2

Posted 1 month, 2 hours ago by watergems


  • Do not remove credit; Do not claim code as own/sell
  • OK to edit/franken-edit
  • Do not redistribute; link others back to this thread
  • Free to use; tips are appreciated


  • Colour palette adapts to any TH theme
  • Responsive/mobile-friendly
  • HTML only; usable for non-premium members
  • Requires some knowledge of HTML to install/customise


  • Reworked Wikia & new HTML custom colour variant
  • Working on Wikia CSS custom colour...?
  • Working on updating others; taken down for the time being



What's New

  • 2018-12-23: New thread!
  • 2018-12-23: Wikia v2 - Added tabbed infobox images, collapsible infobox section; updated quotebox with icons, updated ToC with lists; general clean up and spacing
  • 2018-12-23: Wikia v2 (CC) - Custom colours for links, infobox, and accents

bless your heart.......... i love these sm


I love these wiki-style profiles <3 Might use them for my characters