🌺 Free Layouts // 2019-08-21: Splatoon...2!

Posted 8 months, 26 days ago (Edited 28 days, 17 hours ago) by watergems


  • Do not remove credit; Do not claim code as own/sell
  • OK to edit/franken-edit
  • Do not redistribute; link others back to this thread
  • Free to use; tips are appreciated


  • Colour palette adapts to any TH theme
  • Responsive/mobile-friendly
  • HTML only; usable for non-premium members
  • Requires some knowledge of HTML to install/customise


  • Splatoon...2! Based more off Splatoon than Splatoon.



What's New

  • 2018-12-23: New thread!
  • 2018-12-23: Wikia v2 - Added tabbed infobox images, collapsible infobox section; updated quotebox with icons, updated ToC with lists; general clean up and spacing
  • 2018-12-23: Wikia v2 (CC) - Custom colours for links, infobox, and accents
  • 2019-04-10: Splatoon - Includes spaces for in-game gear, but can be customised with aesthetic/moodboard images; more lines can be added to basics list
  • 2019-08-21: Splatoon...2! - Based off Splatoon 2's aesthetic with a Wikia layout, kinda. Can be used for long profiles or small intro cards.

bless your heart.......... i love these sm


I love these wiki-style profiles <3 Might use them for my characters


I LOVE IT.... used it for my chara caelum.. does it work with WYSIWYG?


tictac i've never had it turned in but i don't think it would :(


watergems oh! that's weird, i have it turned on and it still works well..


tictac oh well then! but i think it would be best to edit with WYSIWYG turned off, just to avoid anything that might heck up otherwise


Thank you so much for this! Still learning how to use Toyhou.se overall but I'm absolutely in LOVE with the wikia layouts here. <3 I'm going to be using these!!!


These are all GREAT and i'm definitely using the splatoon 2 layout for when i get around to uploading my squids :D!!!!!! On the splatoon 2 code though I don't see your credit anywhere on the layout itself?? so i am going to add a link to your page myself just to make sure it's visible, but I wanted to mention it just in case I'm not blind, it's a great layout I don't want you to not get credited for it!! ;w;;;


Definitely gonna use the splatoon ones for my squiddies!! These are all awesome <3


Mumble785 visible credit isn't necessary (its in a code comment) , its kinda simple/focused on one theme unlike the general wikia one so i didnt put a visible credit but thank u anyways 👍🏽


using the splatoon 2 code!
also, during editing i noted that the art/squid overflows outside the card box. it was an easy fix, just adding "<div class="card text-white"" to the background section if i recall, but i just thought i'd let you know if it isnt meant to overflow outside the card on larger screens ;w;


thinking of using wiki v2! i'm running into one issue, though: i am trying to add more images to the infobox, but the nav buttons start to flow out of the infobox... I've tried a few workarounds, but adding a new row, no matter how, seems to make an entirely new list :'( do you have any solutions or fixes? thanks!


I love the wikia 2! I'll try to use it for a character of mine!


CoffeeZombieFox huh it never overflowed on my screens but, maybe it's a viewport issue ?? i'll take another look at it soon

sterlinging sorry for delay! i think best option would be to split it into two lists, removing the padding on the second/bottom list. just remember to make unique IDs for each image: