CSS Help! Sidebar Navigaion

Posted 6 months, 25 days ago by Kaerralind

I've been trying to simply change the colour of my sidebar links but everytime I use the code, a { color: #000; text-decoration: none; } It changes the header text as well. Example: https://gyazo.com/32301ec97949e521fa94aa8dc4a70a16

Result: https://gyazo.com/fdbfd311539e84dbcb68f1e6ccb3b365

I want to keep the sub-header text white and the other links the red colour. I feel like i'm doing the code wrong, which I can believe because I've never touched CSS before. OTL The current Code: https://gyazo.com/5ac871196c0468efd2d31807fe65b982


.side-nav li.header a - will control header link colors
.side-nav li a - will control other sidebar link colors. right now you’re changing the color of every link on the page which includes the header links, you have to specifically set those links to be white


oh sorry i’m on my phone, just saw your image. basically to the same thing you do with the .display-user a except you need to use the header and subheader classes


Thank you Thank you thank you!!! lol. This solved the problem Completely <3 <3