Change hover colour?

Posted 13 days, 18 hours ago (Edited 13 days, 18 hours ago) by Kaerralind

Okay, so more elaboration here,

I'm looking to change the colour of my world forum's hover colour. My problem is the category section. I hover my cursor over the category, no clicking, and that's the colour I want to change.


Okay so I've tried the

:hover .forum-category-wrapper .forum-category-forum {
background-color: #545b75;
color: #fff;

And while it changes the colour, I hover anywhere over the actual page the whole forum section changes to the hover colour. Cursor not on page:

So it ends up looking like this when you hover over the actual page itself and then when you over the forum sections it turns white:


!!! Thank you so much Lotor !!!

That fixed the problem perfectly!!

I'm still very new to CSS so I wasn't sure what to do with that. xD