Free-Use Backgrounds! (And some HTML)

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What's your thoughts on the transparents?

258 Votes They're neat!
11 Votes Not my speed.
26 Votes I am completely neutral.

★ free backgrounds!! ★

new content a lot!
(not constantly though)
(I don't do these like 24/7 sorry to DISAPPOINT....)
(also html) 

Free-use with or without credit! (YEs for art too!)
Just don't claim that you did them! 
If you want to be super cool comment where you use these! 
Check the gallery of the linked character for the complete collection!

Some of these are transparent (♬) and need to be used with a hex code behind them. Make sure you look properly!

SU Sky 1

su sky 2

star stripes

sweet music

hemospectrum 1

hemospectrum 2

grid style 1

Line STYLE 2

Star strings 1

star strings 2

lace STYLE 2

lace STYLE 3

Stars 1

stars 2

stars 3

stars 4


Also HTML Codes now!   


vom -curtsey bow- Thank you!!

Wicked I'm glad! They're free to use in code templates too so I hope they're helpful!


used on my girl Agnes (mains) thank you <3


I'm using one on my profile. Thank you for this~


Using one on a user HTML! Thank you! <3


Got some chill new boys!



fairy lights

fairy lights

Bi Rights! 1

bi rights! 2

bi rights! 3


*Cries* I found the perfect picture for my profile thank you so much!! :D


these are so good!! i'll be using them in some character profiles! <3


Gee I never learned to do fixed backgrounds like these in my coding lessons, gotta learn them rn Your graphics are awesome and cute, you are amazing!


Just re-saying that I'm still cool with everyone using these with no credit, if you're feeling nervous though, linking this thread in a comment on your characters profile (keeps it out of the way and everything!)  will suffice for me  


more new content!

red lanterns

crayon sky

clear sky

pen sky


Used this on my profile ♥