Free-Use Backgrounds!

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What's your thoughts on the transparents?

185 Votes They're neat!
10 Votes Not my speed.
22 Votes I am completely neutral.

★ free backgrounds!! ★

new content a lot!
(not constantly though)
(I don't do these like 24/7 sorry to DISAPPOINT....)
(also sorry mobile users) 

Free-use with or without credit! (YEs for art too!)
Just don't claim that you did them! 
If you want to be super cool comment where you use these!  

Check the gallery of the linked character for the complete collection!

Some of these are transparent (♬) and need to be used with a hex code behind them. Make sure you look properly!

SU Sky 1

su sky 2

star stripes

sweet music

hemospectrum 1

hemospectrum 2

grid style 1

Line STYLE 2

Star strings 1

star strings 2

lace STYLE 2

lace STYLE 3

Stars 1

stars 2

stars 3

stars 4


This thread should now be more palatable as I've learned the way of columns...

Also I've made and released a fun new code!



just a lil bump!
Also, these are so cool! Gonna use one of them on my profile