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howdy! and welcome to my little corner of the coding forum!
please be sure you've read the rules laid out below! the following rules and terms apply to both my free-to-use (f2u) and pay-to-use (p2u) coding across my account
failure to follow these rules may result in a block and a ban from using my codes and buying from me in the future!


  • please do not steal, claim, heavily reference, or redistribute any of my codes
  • it is required that my credit stays intact inside all f2u/p2u coding: you are not allowed to move my credits elsewhere or edit my credit into something else
  • all codes are for personal use only: you may not profit off of my coding
  • pay-to-use codes are not allowed to be passed around to those not authroised to see the raw code - only those who have bought the code and have been authorised to see the raw coding can use
  • you are free to modify and edit any of my codes, regardless of the code itself being free-to-use or pay-to-use, to your heart's content!
    this includes anything from: changing colours, changing or adding sections, adding graphics, etc
  • you are allowed to use my codes in any way you see fit! (as character profiles, user profiles, in worlds, etc), you are highly encouraged to modify/edit to suit what you're looking for!
  • regardless over how heavily edited you make my codes, you are in no way allowed to remove my credit
  • please ask my permission before you pay someone to edit my codes for you, commissioners must have been given my direct, personal permission from me beforehand rather than relying on the word from the buyer


  • 14/04/19 - added calpol (p2u)!
  • 26/03/19 - updated coding forum!
  • 25/03/19 - gave everything a recode/update!!
  • 25/03/19 - retired redux and Us.001
  • 27/01/19 - remade and reposted coding hub!
  • 25/01/19 - recoded redux (p2u)
  • 19/11/18 - uploaded v. (p2u)
  • 18/11/18 - remade coding hub!
  • 11/11/18 - uploaded ii. remake
  • 11/11/18 - retired ii. and iii.
  • 09/11/18 - uploaded redux v2.0 (p2u)
  • 21/10/18 - uploaded redux
  • 21/10/18 - uploaded iv.
  • 29/09/18 - moved coding over to fluffycodes
  • 10/09/18 - uploaded iii.
  • 10/09/18 - uploaded ii.
  • 19/08/18 - uploaded i.
  • 19/08/18 - set up main coding hub!



reserving just in case

P2U • redux | $3 fluffycodes

reposting this cause it's a kind of important update i guess...?
redux has been given a recode! some notable changes include:

  • tab links have icons better describing the tab contents (at least to the best of my ability-)
  • header titles have been moved out of the context boxes
  • some of the header's titles have been resized so they shouldn't overflow out of their box!!
  • stamp sections have been preened out, now only one remains
  • relationship section has been redone slightly: there's now only one way of doing it to make it easier to insert more 'ships
  • and the relationship description scrolls!
  • better spacing

price is still the same at $3/300pts, those who have bought redux before have access to the new code - the old code has been scrapped!


aaannnddd all the links found in my codes have been updated so they direct to this new thread!
lmk if you notice any mistakes though, i wouldn't be surprised if there is pfft OTL

also! i got rid of the "specific" sets of rules for both coding types because tbh... there wasn't really enough specifics to justify having both sections ? lol so it's just the one set of rules now - either way #f2u and #p2u will take you to the rules (just in case i change my mind because lets be real i probably will <:3c ) so it should be fine

feel free to post now btw! just direct sales to @fluffykweh please, i don't check this account as much any more!


UPDATES: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/84580.updates-
recoded/tidied up/restyled some of my codes! (plus a small psa about crediting)


hello! i was trying to get the code for this profile code but the link appears to be broken.


apologies about that!! try it again, should work now <:3c


fluffycodes, thanks so much! i really appreciate you and your hard work.


cascas Q//v//Q tysm im glad to hear it !!!!!