I had a super simple calendar made from the table option, but it just wasn't working and wouldn't let me hav a table of contents AND a calendar table. I am just looking for a contents table and then the calendar, it doesn't need to do anything fancy, just be cute/simple and work ;-; I don't know enough about codes to make my own. I don't want to just ask for free stuff, so I can offer a full-body piece of art if that helps in any way.


this is a simple layout of what I was wanting and is super similar to what I had made.. https://sta.sh/023jzr613rw6 the red is the actual calender the blue is the days and the green is kinda like a contents table where you put like (this color means commission and this color means trades) I just want something super simple ;u;


vom might have gotten you already but i actually just coded Calendar although it's uh... not as user-friendly as i would like >3>;;;


Yeah vom already helped me but I am still waiting for the code heh,  but yours is REALLY NICE too!  I love that drop feature!