how do i make it stop looking like this?

Posted 4 months, 10 days ago by prickly

im not sure how i managed to make it look like this but is there a way to make it go back to looking how it used to? thisll happen on some of my ocs profiles but not all of them and its been like this for a few days



Lotor you mean the enable and disable WYSIWYG? cause its like that with both, ill try it like that first though thank you


Lotor i see alright then, could you tell me where to file a ticket? ive never had to before, and thank you for helping me \owo


you can clean your code using this:
it will format it for you in the traditional HTML formatting style

this happens when you switch between WYSIWYG & code editor; once you switch and it messes it up, it stays that way (switching back will not reformat your code). running it through the HTML formatter will fix it up but if you keep switching it will break again


Wicked thank you! i think i managed to fix it (atleast for now) but if it goes like that again ill be sure to try this first