Making my profile setup more mobile friendly?

Posted 2 months, 12 days ago (Edited 2 months, 12 days ago) by Prismakry

So, I've been tweaking my profile setups of late and was thinking that maybe I should consider making it more by friendly when viewed at smaller resolutions, such as on mobile or if you just make your browser window really small. 

As it is it's for the most part viewable on smaller resolutions, a lot if it scales pretty well (not perfectly, but enough that it doesn't just completely break) but I'd love to do better if I could.

You can see a live working view of my most recent setup on this profile. I'd love if my fellow coding peeps here could take a look and offer suggestions. I can't promise I'll go with every one of them, but they'll be appreciated none the less as I try and decide what changes to make. 

Right now my biggest concerns are how the tabs stretch to the length of the whole div when it's scaled down, stacking on each other and just kinda looking ugly, and the personality/combat tabs and how the little sections in them dont really scale all that nice. (Considering changing them to just be 3 hearts and shields instead of how many there currently are?)


Stupid ic posting thing lol.