Charma Huo Introduction

Posted 5 years, 10 months ago by Charma Huo Spiritburn

My name is Charma Huo, or Charred for those who don't want to remember that. I am a Charmander that is a different color than most and this is due to the virus. It infected me while I was an egg and how I look now is the outcome. Apparently my design was based on several Salamander species, whatever those are, but I am a Charmander none the less.

I enjoy eating berries of most kinds, I don't accessorize, and my tail flame is two colors (a blue flame encircled by a red flame)

This is highly unusual, I know, but it's what I am. I can be bipedal or quadrapedal depending on the situation, and am not a bad guy. I don't think I can spread the virus anymore, and I am looking for a way to stop Pokerus from ruining other lives like my own life.