Small Update (Cloudflare & comments)

Posted 2 years, 10 months ago (Edited 2 years, 10 months ago) by admin

This is a teeny update but the chances of it impacting users is high enough that I wanted to let everyone know about it --

  • Our Cloudflare package was upgraded this weekend; this is primarily a security improvement to help us out with bots and malicious actors.
    • I’ve been monitoring and adjusting this over the past few days and will be keeping an eye on it, but as the filter might still be too over-enthusiastic, please let me know if you’re getting kicked off the site and believe you shouldn’t be.
    • We can finally remove the JS challenge from the tags view in character galleries, yay.

  • Comments are currently being restructured to reduce database load and are now being migrated into a new system. I'll keep the thread updated with progress.
    • You can no longer chain more than 1000 comments into a single thread (eg. you can reply to a single comment as many times as you want, but if you make a chain of comments by replying to a comment then replying to that comment then replying to that comment you cannot go more than 1000 deep). Existing threads should not be broken, but replying to them will give you an error. 
    • Otherwise, this migration shouldn’t visibly affect anything. As always, if you run into any unexpected behaviour, please let me know via the HelpDesk.

Thanks for your patience!


We've now migrated to the new comments system; we're still maintaining the old system in case we need to quickly swap back. If everything looks clear, I'll drop the old system after 1-2 days of testing. 

In the meanwhile, as always please let me know if anything is behaving unexpectedly ^^