[Tues Downtime] Site Recode, Privacy Policy Change

Posted 3 months, 21 days ago (Edited 3 months, 20 days ago) by admin

Hi - we've been closed beta testing the site recode over the past few weeks and will be launching it on Tuesday at 2AM EST. We will be migrating to a new dedicated server with a new host which is very exciting but also kind of frightening so please bear with us. At around 2AM we will be entering into read only mode - the length of downtime will depend on your location, but we have an estimate of somewhere around 1-5 hours. When we get settled into the new server we expect to run into lag or bugs while we make server adjustments during the first few days of launch - we hope it'll be bearable while we get everything sorted out. Thank you everyone in advance for your patience /o/

Here are some of the changes that're going to be rolling out:

Age Filtering & Privacy Policy Change

  • After logging into the new site, you'll receive a prompt asking for your date of birth - we will be adding a new section to the Privacy Policy regarding collection of user ages accordingly. This information will be kept confidential, and is only used for filtering site content for underage users. 
    • Users under the age of 13 will have their accounts permanently closed (note that the TOS already does not allow users under the age of 13 - this is just intended to be a secondary confirmation of age).
    • Users under the age of 18 will keep their explicit images, but will not be able to view Sexually Explicit material submitted by other users until they turn 18.
  • You are now able to flag threads as Mature. These threads are only visible to users who are 18 or over.


  • Layout change. CSS and profile classes have been restructured completely.
  • Themes: Available under the account Display Settings page - we'll be adding more as we go.


  • If you're currently a premium member with CSS applied, you will automatically be put on the Legacy layout. This means that your profile will appear on the old layout for any visitors. You can toggle this setting on or off via your Profile page any time.
  • Note that Legacy layouts are not supported for new features. Certain features may not show up on  your page at all if you have Legacy profiles enabled (image faves/comments, polls, etc.). The legacy feature is intended to be a bandaid solution for users who don't want to move to the new layout and would like to leave their galleries as is - these will not be kept up to date going into the future.
  • Premium members can now organise their profile blocks by drag & dropping them on the profile management page.

Account Settings

  • Username changes: You can now change your username via your account settings once per month. Username changes are visible in a username log.
  • You should now be able to be logged in on two devices at the same time. 

Blocks & Privacy

  • Thread blocking: You can now block threads to hide them from the forums.
  • Character blocking: You can now block characters to hide them from the front page and from forums.
  • Blocking in general should be a little more comprehensive - posts and threads from blocked users will be completely hidden and inaccessible, characters belonging to blocked users will no longer be visible via direct link, etc.


  • Forum structure: We'll be looking into re-structuring the public forums for organisation according to suggestions.
  • Forum utility: Thread subscription index and personal thread/post history indexes have been added.
  • Bumping: You can now click a button to bump a thread every 30 minutes as long as the thread has seen activity in the last 3 days. You can also post in threads without bumping them. Double posting on public forums is now disabled. 
  • Self-locking & self-deletion: You can now lock your own threads, or delete your own posts. Deleted posts are still visible to admins so please don't try to abuse this.
  • Forum search: Unfortunately search functionality is a little load heavy so we will be restricting search features to premium members only until we have time to have a look at how the new server performs. 
  • New WYSIWYG: Should hopefully stop crashing everyone's pages? 


  • Inbox folders: For organizing your messages.
  • Inbox search: Search by user, or by subject/text if you have premium membership.


  • You can now set character permissions at the time of upload even if the character was not designed by you.
  • You can now force users to unfavorite your characters when viewing your character's favorites panel.
  • Favorites mass manager.
  • Tags are now hidden by default when browsing a user gallery, but when searching by tag you can view the user's complete list of all tags, and also search by characters who do not have a specific tag. 
  • Tags now keep case when submitted and can also be searched case-insensitively. 


  • Image cropper
  • Multiple character images
  • Image favs & comments: This is disabled by default and can be enabled via your profile page.


  • Polls can now be attached to bulletins or to forum threads.