Privacy Features Update

Posted 2 years, 5 months ago (Edited 2 years, 5 months ago) by admin

As always, please do file tickets if you run into problems or bugs. These particular features may incur a performance hit for the site, so we'll be running around ironing out any lag over the next few days -- if you find a specific page that is taking an unusual amount of time to load you can also file a ticket with a link to the page so we can review it.

  • Authorization Lists
    • You can now create Authorization Lists on the Authorizations page and sort users into these lists. You can then set characters and bulletins to only be viewable by users who are part of the specified lists.
    • You can also modify what lists a user is in by going directly to the user's page and selecting "Edit Authorization" on the sidebar (you need to have made some lists first, though).
    • This is currently a trial feature and may be taken down for review if we find it causing lag.
  • Guest Privacy & Blocking
    • Characters and Bulletins can now be set to only be viewable to logged in users.
    • Under your Account Settings there is now an option to Block Guests. This will make your profile page, characters, bulletins and forum posts unviewable by guests (essentially, this blocks anyone who isn't logged in).
  • Subscription Filters
    • On the Subscriptions page you may now select what you would like to be notified for from each of your Subscriptions (current options are Characters, Images and Bulletins).
    • You can also do this by going directly to the user's page and selecting "Edit Subscription" on the sidebar.
  • IP Blocks
    • On the Blocks page you may now choose to IP Block any already blocked user. This will prevent anyone (including guests) from accessing your profile/characters/posts from any IP that has been used in the past by the blocked user. 
    • Some notes: 
      • Unlike regular blocks, you will not be prevented from contacting or viewing an IP blocked user. There should be no immediate way to tell if a user has been IP blocked; this is to prevent it from being abused as an IP checking tool. To be clear, though: The original direct block on the initial user will act as a two-way block as usual.
      • When using this feature please keep in mind that IP blocks are not 100% reliable -- there may be false positives (for example, if a user you've IP blocked accesses the site from a shared connection or public Wi-Fi, it may result in you blocking every other user on that network), and it will not stop a user from logging out and using a different network to access your profile.
      • For the above reasons, this feature may be a little unpredictable. We'll be working on it, or may remove it for review if it's causing a lot of issues. 

We'll be tacking more convenience features onto these once we get rid of all the kinks, and also looking at more privacy features for images if things look to be working well. Thanks for your patience!