[update] Literatures & some miscellaneous stuff

Posted 4 years, 9 months ago by admin

Thank you for your patience during all the maintenances recently! We might have to do a few more this week while we tweak the database & make sure everything's working, so we hope everyone's okay bearing with us. 

We've thrown some new features and updates in for the site:


  • We've added a SCSS compiler, which runs automatically whenever submitting CSS to the site. This shouldn't change anything for people who don't use SCSS, but should hopefully make life a bit easier for people who're familiar with it.
  • As a side effect of the SCSS compiler, if you try submitting broken CSS it'll now error out and tell you what line the problem's on - hopefully this should help with debugging your CSS without being too annoying. 
  • I personally don't do much front-end work, so if layout makers ever have other ideas for what could make life easier please don't hesitate to throw us suggestions or feedback.


  • You can now sort characters on this page under your account settings: https://toyhou.se/~characters/sort
  • Note that once you use this sorting feature, new characters will always go to the FRONT of your gallery.
  • There's a button at the bottom of the page that you can use to clear your sorting; this will return your gallery to an alphabetical sort by default.


  • You can now sort folders on your folder management page
  • Folders can now have thumbnails uploaded for them

Literature Entries

  • You can now submit literature entries either via the top navigation bar or from a character's side bar - hopefully everything's self-explanatory and easy to understand but here's a brief summary of the features:
  • There're three types of literature entries:
    • One-shot: Single chapter literature entry
    • Multi-chapter: Multiple chapter literature entry
    • Collection: For stuff like drabble/poetry collections
  • You can attach multiple authors to a literature entry and assign them editor status. The literature entry will show up in the libraries of all authors attached to the literature entry. Editor status will allow them to add or edit chapters.
  • You can attach multiple characters to a literature entry to have the literature entry show up in the character's library. Characters can be marked as main characters - this is just a cosmetic change that highlights the character's name and doesn't change any functionality.
  • Literature entries can be worked on as a draft before being published, in case you want to add multiple chapters before submitting it.
  • If enabled, literatures can be faved. The list of everyone who's favourited the literature is publicly visible.
  • If enabled, literatures can be commented on. Comments are attached to individual chapters rather than the general literature entry - this is so people don't get spoiled when reading comments.
  • If enabled, users can subscribe to a literature entry to be notified of any new chapter updates. Unlike faves, subscribers are not visible to anyone except the authors.
  • Premium members can attach CSS to their literature entries.

As always, new features may be buggy, so if you run into problems please let us know and we'll fix it up ASAP. Additionally, please do feel free to submit any feedback or suggestions via the HelpDesk and we'll do our best to help you out.


(shovelling more updates & fixes out)

Bug fixes

  • Viewing "View All" now returns characters to alphabetical order instead of jumbling everything up
  • Characters no longer get credited for literature entries twice
  • You can now reply to comments on literature entries

New stuff

  • You can now link off-site authors as authors.
  • You will no longer be listed as an author for a literature entry unless (1) there are no other authors added to the literature OR, (2) you explicitly add yourself in as an author. This is so people can add stuff that they've received from another writer without crediting themselves for it. 
  • Literatures are now ordered by last update (eg. latest chapter publication, so it'll be bumped back to the top whenever you add a chapter).
  • There's now a public browsing page for latest public literature updates which you can find in the top bar. You can unlist your literature entries by setting them to unlisted under literature settings. Please remember to flag & add any necessary warnings to your literature entries for consideration to public viewers. 
    • We hope this works as a temporary solution for people who're interested in exploring other peoples' work - we're currently mulling over options for how to make literatures easier to filter and browse in the future (eg. a tagging/searching/sorting system). 
  • You can now find your total number of literatures and words written under your profile stats page. These will only count literatures that you're credited as an author for.