[Rules Update] Ban & Block Evasion

Posted 1 year, 10 months ago by lulu

Hi all, just a quick update!

Firstly, I've made some minor fixes to pagination issues around the site but let me know if I missed any bugs.

Secondly, IP logging and multi-account tracking has been added to the site as a moderator feature - this is something which I didn't think would be necessary when first setting up the site and I apologise for the oversight.

In case this wasn't already clear, making multiple accounts in order to knowingly evade bans or blocks, or otherwise conduct dishonest or non-transparent transactions (see: circumventing another user's blacklist or participating in events, sales/trades or threads you would normally be excluded from) is unacceptable and as of now may lead to account suspension. The site rules have been modified in order to reflect this.

User IP addresses will always be kept private but if multi-accounting for the purpose of targeted harassment or circumvention of artist rules persists we will be looking at further options to help users protect themselves. Right now we're considering allowing users to know if a user shares an IP address with someone on their block list, but we're open to suggestions or feedback if anyone has ideas.

As always, if you have any concerns or suggestions the ticket box and forums are always open! Thanks everyone again for your continued patience \o/