[FIN] Changes to blocking function

Posted 1 year, 10 months ago (Edited 1 year, 10 months ago) by lulu

With consideration to the recent changes to rules related to blocking, we're making some additions to the block feature - we've pushed these changes live and are current monitoring for any issues.

First: previously, the block feature would make your account look like Quiet Mode to anyone that you have blocked - they would not be allowed to interact with you but they would also not know if you had blocked them or if you just had Quiet Mode toggled. This has been changed - now if someone that you have blocked accesses your page they will be told that they have been blocked.

A list of clarifications regarding the current block feature; if you have blocked someone:

  • They will not be notified of the block.
  • They are unable to PM you.
  • They are unable to comment on your profile or characters.
  • They are unable to request character links, transfers, etc.
  • They are unable to post on forum threads posted by you.
  • They are unable to subscribe to forum threads posted by you.
  • You will not be notified by their pings.

In addition to these, these are the additions that are being made to the block feature:

  • They will be unauthorised and unsubscribed from your account. They cannot subscribe to, or authorise you.
  • You will be unauthorised and unsubscribed from their account. You cannot subscribe to, or authorise them.
  • They cannot view any of your profile pages, bulletins, or character galleries. (They will still be able to view your characters if directly linked or if found via a different site page.)
  • They cannot favourite your characters.
  • They cannot see any threads posted by you on the forum listing, nor will they be able to view threads posted by you. (They will still be able to see posts made by you on threads made by other users.)
  • You will see their threads or posts as (post by blocked user) and may choose to click on this in order to uncollapse the post.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions regarding the feature - we'll be continuing to adjust it according to feedback. As usual, just let us know if you run into any bugs!