[FIN] Designer changes, also lag related notice

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago (Edited 2 years, 10 months ago) by lulu

I'M STILL DYING UNDER HOMEWORK but here're some updates for today

  • Creator and designer has been broken up IM SORRY THIS MIGHT BE CONFUSING IF YOU'RE USED TO THE OLD SYSTEM...
    • Basically CREATORS = WHAT USED TO BE CALLED DESIGNERS, they're the people who own all rights to the design and can put rules and stuff on it
    • In addition to a creator, you can now add multiple designers, these're people who collaborated on or contributed to the design. 
  • Some specific example cases:
    • In the case of MYO designs, the creator should be the species owner and the designers would be anyone who worked on the design
    • In the case of collaborative designs, the creator should be whoever can set rules on design usage and the designers would be whoever else contributed to the design
    • You also have the option of adding multiple designers in cases where multiple people have designed alternate outfits/forms for your character??
  • I KNOW IT'S KINDA CONFUSING, primarily I wanted to address concerns where collaborative designers weren't getting credited but i'm absolutely open to suggestions if anyone has ideas to make it easier to use!!
  • You can now Request Creator Credit from character ownership pages - this isn't something that I really wanted to add in TBH (it makes it too easy for a user to accidentally transfer their creator rights if they get spammed with requests) but I can see that it'd make life easier for people at least while everyone's setting up their character galleries so we'll try it out for a bit?

I'd also like to let everyone know that I'm gonna be conducting stress testing over the next few days -- if my estimates're right we should start seeing lag towards the end of the week. I'll let you guys know when I'm done o/

Next on the todo list is working through the bugs forum, most notably there're issues with watermark/thumbnail generation that I really need to address... In between that I'm probably going to be working on more admin tools as well as a help desk & report image/character/user functionality which I think's really important before the site gets any bigger! 

As usual just give me a shout if you run into any problems, thank you everyone for your patience and diligent bug reports o)-<