Wild's Character Updates

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Wild's Character Updates

Still a work in progress, this is the central place for all of my characters updates. Updates will still be found on the respective character's bios (click on their names for links) but I will not be actively notifying of updates there. You can be alerted of new updates on this page by subscribing.

May14th: New Updates for Ryūshin


14th May '23

With finding himself dragged into several bloody skirmishes in the forest as of late has taken to studying both healing and shielding magic in the libraries of his father's castle, in doing so allowing himself to be useful in the next inevitable fight without necessarily spilling blood.

Despite many sleepless nights and long dedicated days over the course of the past months has frustratingly came to the conclusion he lacks any propensity for either. Despite the connection he has with the growth and healing of plant-life cannot replicate this with animalian lifeforms, and if anything, has even more worryingly discovered a potential disastrous outcome should he try.

To an extent, beginning to accept that the vision he once had of himself no longer fits. But, has found solace as of late in the forest, accompanying a regular group of faces with varying levels of familiarity to him - until today.

Micah appeared on the horizon, chasing after the small figure of Bhuvana while Talúla and Ryuu chased him down. Took to shielding Bhuvana with Illrose as the child managed to slip out of Micah's attention but when his sights returned to Bhuvana entered the fray with far less hesitation than he ever has before.

Took turns engaging with Micah alongside Talúla , Ryuu and Illrose, taking note of how much more erratic the beast was when compared with the previous encounter. Had the experience and sense to now avoid being envenomed, aiming to disable the beast initially - but, turned more brutal when Bhuvana took a nasty hit.

Together with Illrose and Talúla finally brought down the beast, but chased off of the corpse by Sagira (and Angelique). Briefly engaged with the former when she targeted Talúla, but decided it wasn't worth it - though made sure to remember their faces.

Together with his sister regrouped with Bhuvana, Illrose and Ryuu, beyond grateful for the latter's healing - not wanting to see anyone else suffer as a result of the altercation. Concerned about Bhu and thus attempted to cheer her up even a little by conjuring a flower up out of the dirt as a medal of bravery for her.

Sat with the small group for a few hours longer before departing, far more nonchalant to the events that had unfolded tonight than he would have been only months earlier.


25th March '23

Joined Ryuu, Arumi and a fawn (Bhuvana) at the pond to spend much of the morning peacefully.

Found that peace abruptly shattered later in the day as a dark figure launched out of the pond in a violent ambush to a visiting doe.

Surprised by his own bull-headedness as he nigh-unconsciously launched after the pair in pursuit. Horrified by the sheer relentlessness of the predator who seemed little deterred by his attempts but engaged him a few times, though realised not enough to allow Aleta to escape as the dragon became aware that she seemed to be increasingly struggling.

Beyond this point his thoughts became confused and chaotic and he desperately tried in vain to shield the doe - not fully aware of what exactly was happening, though perhaps for the better.

Remembers little beyond that point as his mind finally broke under Micah’s toxins. Took off as shadows crowded his vision, unable to tell reality from fiction, and ultimately came to a stop as he crashed into the pond.

Thrashed, screamed, and spit flames at those who came near regardless of whether they were friend or foe before finally being held down by Talula and healed by Arumi. Fell into a fitful sleep after passing out, still wracked with feverish hallucinations but spared from the worst of the venom’s effects.

Vaguely aware of voices that brought comfort, but also haunted by flashes of a scene he knows not whether it is nightmare or memory.


7th November '22

Rushed after Ryder and his friends when the youngster got himself involved with a predator ('Scavenger'). Hoped that he could simply run the beast off once it was clear that it hadn't picked an easy target but found himself dragged into a longer brawl as the creature persisted and others joined the fray.

Sickened by the apparent demise of the predator under the teeth and hooves of two others, while he watched from the sidelines. However, didn't have much time to process his emotions as this was an illusion and the creature returned. Re-involved with the fight, this time watched the creature fall right in front of his eyes. Froze for a moment, in his naïvety assumed the creature would have fled and the fight would not have ended in a death. Retreated to find the group of youngsters, not wanting anything more to do with the corpse.

Stayed close to watch over the teens and received some care from Landan. Offered a quiet word of comfort to Ryder before he left and in turn took his own leave. With the eventual wearing off of the adrenaline had time to process the events more. Disgusted not only by his perceived brutality and active role - despite the circumstances - but moreso by a strange and savage thrill he found in the activity.

Told Tenka of the event upon returning to Evander though omitted the deeper reasoning behind his upset. Given the day off work and received assurance that his actions were correct, though internally did not agree with the Luminous' rather severe outlook on things, but was too shaken to argue.



Moved out from under her parent's roof and has been living with Nicolai & Nathaniel for several months in the southern city of Kanapur. Keen to earn her keep and thus has been looking after their business while they are elsewhere. Has taken to testing out some of her magic on unwary customers and is pleased to find she can be a very persuasive saleswoman - or so she tells her brother uvu.

Despite being more than grateful for the opportunity to adjust to a completely different culture and pace of life from Santenyal feels she is now ready to move on and not overstay her welcome. Finds the energy and bustle of the city to be exhilarating and is assured that she will do just fine here. After months of searching for the right place and doing her own research - keen not to find herself in a role that would see her used or belittled - has found herself a job in a prestigious 'entertainment club' known as the Mahogany Palace. Would have had no chance in even an audition given she has no name to herself in the city but as she becomes more and more confident in her powers hasn't been afraid to use them to twist the chances in her favour.

Has been switching between roles - at times a pre-show entertainer or receptionist, at others a waitress or hostess - and has managed to secure herself a place to stay with her earnings. Despite ultimately lapping up the attention in her current place yearns for more and has been training for long hours after work and in her spare time. Carefully concealing her bruises behind powder, but otherwise remains undeterred. Unobvious while she is in the forest apart from being slightly more touchy about physical affection.

Looking forward to inviting her family to come see her perform sometime.


December '22

Continuing to practice and experiment with his alchemy and as of late is becoming proficient with the basics, testing out more and more complex procedures with whatever reagents and items he can get his hands on. Additionally getting a chance to develop some of his blood-magic under Adayti's instruction. Wondering if he can combine the two branches of magic in future.

Thoroughly enjoyed the festive season and getting to terrorize catch up with the extended family. Got some neat presents, a favourite among them being a beetle vivarium from Grandma Adayti that he is totally fascinated with.

Decided to give one of his better alchemical experiments to Talya as a gift - a vial of perfumed liquid that seems to constantly shift its scent. Very pleased with her gift to him also, but is absolutely going to terrorize her with it.

3rd July '22

Joined a gang. Got mobbed by a predator. Mildly unsettled for a hot second but didn't really understand the potential severity of the situation. Morbid curiosity won over enough to go and snag a pretty eyeball from Sigel. very kind of u sir. Got a feather from Emrys as a symbol of his newfound gang membership. Learned some questionable new vocabulary. Chilled and rough-housed with the group before being seen off by the draxomera later on.





Took the hatchlings back to their own world - far more prematurely than they would have liked - to avoid the lingering cold. Invited Sigel along too, growing a fondness for the Crimson that borders upon maternal as of late.
Glad to be back in their element among the jungle understorey, but understands that creatures which the Emerald would normally regard as not even worth their attention could easily snatch a hatchling at this vulnerable age. Thus glad for Sigel's presence, allowing them to focus on hunting and providing - though additionally charmed by the draxomera's attempts.
Rounded up the group to bring them back to the forest, once Sigel returned from a scout to confirm the snow was gone.

December 21st - 24th

Pleased with their four new healthy and strong hatchlings, has been tending to them at their nest in the birch forest. Two days after their hatching was put on edge with the close proximity of a very large and intimidating being (Cadaver). Highly unsettled by his interest in the hatchlings and despite a show of non-hostility from the dragon refused to put any amount of trust in his intentions. More relaxed when he moved further off but still highly wary with his insistence on lingering nearby , keeping a close eye on him.

Put on edge as a result of the dragon's interest and as such hesitated to go out and hunt for the next few hours, perhaps a mistake with the arrival of snow - something they have never seen before. Somewhat miserable in the cold and remained in the nest so as not to allow the hatchlings to catch a chill, hoping to hold out until the weather passed. Saved by the presence of a familiar (Sigel) who offered to hunt, was both wary and flattered by their generosity but accepted given the predicament they faced.
With the hatchlings fed has considered bringing them back to their own world briefly to allow them respite from the cold, however decided only to do so should the hostile weather conditions continue. Hoping the experience will allow them to acclimatise better to the environment.

September - December:

A fleeting presence in the forest since the rut for the sake of their unborn. Hid the eggs deep within the leaf litter, safely tucked away from prying eyes, only uncovering them periodically to assess their development. Uncharacteristically skittish and quick to flee at the slightest hint of any interest. Has however decided upon raising the children in the forest for their initial development - finding it a far safer place than the jungles full of warring creatures that is their home.


23rd - 24th December '22:

Becoming more aware of his surroundings with each passing day though has yet to leave the immediate vicinity of the nest. First encounter with a stranger who ventured too close (Cadaver) and was quick to follow their mother's hostility with an attempt at puffing himself up at hissing at the new and very large being. Watched as the dragon was quickly driven off - in his mind - and filled with a sense of triumph.
Did however soon become aware of a sense of hunger and their mother's refusal to leave the nest since the dragon had appeared. Cold and grouchy as the snow began to fall and discovered the unusual sensation of shivering. Saved with the appearance of another stranger (Sigel) - though this one apparently not considered hostile - who brought food. Uncaring of the newcomer or the reason why the red and white one was allowed close, for now focused only upon filling his stomach.

21st December '22:

Hatched from a nest of hidden eggs in the forest undergrowth. Vaguely aware of the presence of their mother and siblings.


6th October '22

Aided in a fight against a triad of dark creatures intent on attacking Olya during her labours. Took up a defensive position, using his body to shield Olya & Uy from the worst of the attacks but ultimately feels his efforts to be a failure with the culmination resulting in the disappearance of Uy, Olya and her offspring. Left distressed and wounded by the events, and thus has been a scarce presence in the forest while he heals and is thankful for Mallow's presence and help, though his instincts leave him skittish and reclusive. As he heals has been making short trips to scout for any signs of the missing in vain. Sporting a few new scars and has a partially broken right antler.


11th December '22

Born to Mischief & Madison alongside their twin, Mihiro







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