Show me your IRISH characters

Posted 10 months, 6 days ago by diizzy

Top o the mornin to ye all, I'm needin some more babies from the Emerald Isle, so drop em down here!! 

Sorry if there's already a thread for this but 'tis hard to know! 

(I also know I sound entirely stereotypical and am fully aware that Irish people don't actually say top of the morning but how else am i supposed to go about making this thread!! Show me your irish characters!!) 


I've got two characters who are Irish, although neither of them actually live there at this point in their stories!

Spike is a ghost who was born and raised in Ireland (not sure of exact location yet), died in his teens from an incident that he doesn't remember, and now spends most of his time floating around various other countries in search of new places to explore. He still likes to go back there sometimes, though. Despite not remembering much from his first life, he's aware that he grew up there and considers it his homeland.

And I also have Lewis, a vampire hunter who was born and raised in a rural area of Ireland. He currently lives in England, as he works for a vampire hunting organisation that mostly operates there. Most people don't assume he's Irish because he doesn't have much of an accent anymore (and he rarely talks about his past), but it occasionally slips through.

Desmond grauline

bloodborne is obv set in a fictionalized england & multiple "outsider" characters have irish accents ..
so desmond is also meant to be from whatever the bb analogue to ireland is haha :^D

Tin Alexg47

I have this guy plus another one not on this site.