Favorite Character of the person above you

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago (Edited 1 year, 3 months ago) by Lysertrix

A simple fourm game!

Just go through the characters of the person who posted last and pick out your favorite, post which one it is, and so on!

Maybe post what you like about the character but it's not required. ^^

Make sure to claim the spot first then edit your post with your favorite.

Aww, such a cool idea!

I like your character Mimosa the most! I absolutely adore the mix of a wolf and toucan! :D The colours make me really happy, and it looks so huggable! ♥

TreeTale i like aquamarine~~

ellabunny123 Bahhh~ I love Asthete. She has such a wonderful cute yet dark design~

i-slay I really like Richard. He looks so cute!

Pandora! Defiantly Pandora! :D I love her colours, and her personality looks so fun! ; )


Sherry is a real cutie c: I love her hair!

@Ninjawafflekitty Oh wow. I really love Dakota! Her design is so cute and dark, plus I love the two different eye colours and her name fits her so perfectly! c:

i-slay OMG i really love fauna <3 <3

ellabunny123 http://toyhou.se/24945.- gahhhhhhhhhHHH IT'S TOO CUTE


I'm not generally a big fan of ponies but http://toyhou.se/18089.taffy-swirl

She's adorable! Love her short hair and various jewelry.

Toki i especially love the colors on this one XD http://toyhou.se/24951.-nameless-oc-

(I love both the characters that were posted above me ohmygod) (http://toyhou.se/17611.page and http://toyhou.se/24951.mitch to be specific)

Pinipy, I'm guessing I'm skipping back to ellabunny123 you as you didn't say what character you liked for the person above? You just mentioned other peoples... and you put it in brackets... so I think I was meant to still do ellabunny123? sorry if I'm wrong, just unsure~ :')

ellabunny123 I love this character >>http://toyhou.se/23881.- Her colours are so lovely!♥

TreeTale, I really like Stardust, it's so cute and I love its personality!