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Welcome to the chat!











⚠️💕!note!⚠️💕 - do NOT bring up certain topics ( self harm, s**cide, etc ) in character or out of character unless absolutely necessary!! 

ALSO! if your leaving the rp you don't need to announce it, just leave if your leaving. Thanks!

Takeda Akira/武田 明 Fluffu_Z

Akira: Hi there! I’m Akira and my day has been great! I got to have a big feast with friends, it was delicious. What did you do today?

Gamma kohaku_dragon

Hi guys! My day's been good so far :) 

Fluffu_Z Wow a feast! What did you eat Akira?  

Takeda Akira/武田 明 Fluffu_Z

I ate noodles mixed with beef, sushi, and lots of rice.

Amé Logistical

How does one communicate with such simplicity? It's really unheard of.

And to be able to exist in a world where people are not to be tormented in? Such a strange place indeed. I don't even comprehend such words of others.

A rather strange world indeed.

Amé Logistical

I don't understand this rather simple concept of "Just talking". Throughout all my travels, this one concept is indeed strange. I guess "talk" to me of why it is so strange for someone to not communicate with one another. 

I am in need of information for this rather strange concept.

Oralie Havens AnonymousCatNoir

Considering the fact that human technology does not work in my world, my time here will be limited unless given the chance to remain, though it is most likely the "Others" Will need my help shortly. Do explain the purpose of this, before I must go and help with repairs on the towers, and must resume my other form.

Oralie Havens AnonymousCatNoir

And who may you be? I do not trust strangers, not since the destruction, even if this conversation may not be taking place in real life. Mind you, I prefer to truly see what others think, so keep this truthful, and you'd be better off.

Oralie Havens AnonymousCatNoir

I prefer not to reveal much about myself in this form, but yes, my name is acceptable. You can call me Oralie, and do not bother asking for last names, it would only bring fighting to the table, and I should know.

Marigold Appicot

"Greetings darlings! Am I late for the convo'? Seems like the air is a bit uh ... Awkward right now ... Let's do some get to know each other questions! What are your guy's favorite flowers?"

Oralie Havens AnonymousCatNoir

I assume formal introductions are off the table, given the fact we are so divided by miles, and besides, this world has no respect for the proper ways of my people, or the old secrets, but I suppose I shouldn't just give away my worlds secrets know, yes? Anyways, I wish to learn more about.. this place, before my time in among your world is over, though I have questions.

Do explain why the people here feel the need to use this to communicate, when one could simply use a leaper? It is, after all, a much more efficient way to talk . And please, explain your meanings for looking like a fiery blaze. It is quite the statement.