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⚠️💕!note!⚠️💕 - do NOT bring up certain topics ( self harm, s**cide, etc ) in character or out of character unless absolutely necessary!! 

ALSO! if your leaving the rp you don't need to announce it, just leave if your leaving. Thanks!

Gail Logistical

An uncertain path. But what would life be if we always knew the outcome?..

Boring and on edge...And of course, no one would really want that.

*slightly nodded*

I can't say I'll be a therapist, but all I can do is try.

Jack Karypto

*He smiled, nodding. Getting himself coughing slightly.*

*Thanks to Dominic he actually cared about his wellbeing. While it sounds strange it was still the truth.*

Thank you for the moments

*He smiled. Then however his phone started to ring.*

Sorry, one moment

*He takes the call, ocassionally nodding with a little 'Hm'. However his smile vanished on some point, where he sights.*

Ok. Yeah, but I'd rather like to talk later. I will call back.

*Putting the phone away he however smiled again*

Well, sorry for the distraction...

Dominic Logistical


It's okay.

Liara Karypto

*She giggles*

Well if we always knew the outcome we might actually stop to appreciate what we have. So that's why I think it's nice to live in the present and not know the future.

*She smiled at Gail*

Gail Logistical


We all have our different views on things. Always being cautious would end up rather boring after a while.

So even if the strings of fate are tied, we can appreciate the roses how long we desire...

Jack Karypto

*He smiled slightly, petting Dominics head*

I thank you Dominic


Well so... I thought when y'are better I could actually one time take ya to the ocean and on a ship there. That ya could see what the ocean looks and feels like when being on it

*Smiling slightly*

Liara Karypto

*She giggles slightly*

You are really good with words, Gail.

*Smiling up to him*

I like that. I guess it's a gift not everybody is able to possess.

*Smiling warmly*

Dominic Logistical

I know we can't sit still forever. Besides, you do stuff differently then I do. So I don't have room to question it.

Your origin is really complicated...


That sounds fun! I still think some things are made up here and there. 

So I look forward to when you prove me wrong.


Gail Logistical


Er-thank you?...

I don't think I have much skill when it comes to speaking. All I say is what I think....

People don't do that?...

Liara Karypto

*She giggles*

Well some don't. I do say what I think. However I'm not that skilled in putting words together like that.

Your way of speaking aswell as Amés actually sound more elegant than I'd be able to speak. That's what I mean

*Smiles, putting her head on his chest again and feet up on the couch*

Jack Karypto

*He smiled awkwardly and crookedly*

It is I guess, yeah. Sorry for that

*Giggles slightly*

And I look forward for proving ya wrong.


I bet I can still find some things to fascinate ya.

Gail Logistical

Ah, I see....

Well can't say why nor how we speak the way we do. But I suppose I also cannot fathom your way of speaking. 

A strange rhythm it is..

*stiffened up a little but kinda eased into the couch. He still felt awkward*

Dominic Logistical

Well, as long as we're sleeping companions, then I'm pretty sure you'll keep proving me wrong. But sometimes I enjoy being proved wrong by you.

Showing me small or gall things I normally wouldn't ever see!...

*bends his legs and rests his arms atop, and laying his head on them*

Maybe we can go on a "Plane" someday...