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⚠️💕!note!⚠️💕 - do NOT bring up certain topics ( self harm, s**cide, etc ) in character or out of character unless absolutely necessary!! 

ALSO! if your leaving the rp you don't need to announce it, just leave if your leaving. Thanks!

Dominic Logistical

*nodded in agreement*


It is...

Liara Karypto

*Looked at Jamie*

Well it's not that hard if you just speak what comes to your mind

*Giggles sligthly then looking at Gail again*

I know I should proceed with caution. And I actually am. After all the two blackmailing me are acquaintances of him. While I don't see him or them acting in any way that would show me that they work together I still need to be careful and keep my eyes open.

Plus I don't want to get together with him again. So that might actually scratch on his ego. Though I can't tell in what way. After all we haven't had contact for over a year until a month or so ago.

*Smiled slightly*

Jamie TheSeaweed

He shook his head towards Liara in disagreement before looking back at Dominic "....you're tiny."

Gail Logistical

...All I can say is be careful.

Apologies I can't do much to help you within this situation. But I doubt you would want me involved to begin with.

Dominic Logistical

*flustered and looked down*

...I know.

A...uhh...I'm just really small..

And I don't...know why sometimes...

Liara Karypto

*She laughts*

Well, you are somehow involved considering you got the place he wanted. But I don't think you would need to really do something. 

Currently I'm watching him but he's pretty harmless I'd say at the moment. And he hasn't said something himself yet. So there is not really a problem right now


Jack Karypto

*He smiled slightly. Seeing Dominic having a little conversation he decides to go to the window to smoke. However realising midway that Vinc actually stole his cigarettes, sighting.*

*He could really need one right now...*

I doubt anyone of ya has a cigarette?

Gail Logistical


Well, I wouldn't say you're out of the clear yet. While I indeed do not know the individual, we are very overcalculating.

All I can say is watch where your feet stand next time.

...I sound as if i am jumping to conclusions...

*sighs and chuckles slightly*

Amé Logistical

...What are we talking about?

*being nosey and peeking his head out from the other room*

Jamie TheSeaweed

Jamie walked over to Dominic, examining him closely before chuckling, smiling after that. He seemed to approve of him, taking a few steps back to return the personal space. "Cool."

Dominic Logistical

*head jerked back a bit before smiling awkwardly*

..Uhh....You're feared by some?...

Jamie TheSeaweed

Jamie tilted his head to the side. "Me?" he was talking at a normal volume now.

Liara Karypto

*Giggles slightly*

Well, thank you very much. I will consider it. 

It's alright. I know you are just worrying. And after all your worry here might actually be reasonable. I'll be careful, I promise.

Thank you very much

*Seeing Amé she stood up*

One moment Gail!

*She quickly walked over to Amé, hugging him.*

I'm sorry for my attitude yesterday, Amé! I was just really worried and I'm sorry for just being quiet afterwards and going in the room without saying something!

Dominic Logistical

*nodded slightly*

Uhh...You asked me if I was scared..of you...

Aplogies if i...sound strange, you don't seem like the type of individual to be feared from...

Eh-no offense..

Jack Karypto

*Narrowing his eyes as he saw Jamie coming close to Dominic but relaxing again after seeing he kept some distance again*

*Looking to Amé he smiled slightly*

Well I was just attacked by a pillow thrown by Liara. Apparently I crossed a line of her


Well I hope y'are fine? Ya don't happen to have a cigarette? Apparently Vinc took them away when he kidnapped me.