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⚠️💕!note!⚠️💕 - do NOT bring up certain topics ( self harm, s**cide, etc ) in character or out of character unless absolutely necessary!! 

ALSO! if your leaving the rp you don't need to announce it, just leave if your leaving. Thanks!

Amé Logistical

*taken back by the sudden hug and awkwardly hugged back*

Er-don't worry about it?...

You were only looking out for me....To which i should probably listen more often...


Looks like i was more tired then i thought...

Unfortunately i do not. But be grateful it  was a pillow and not a knife

Jamie TheSeaweed

He chuckled. "I am." a two clawy hands moved out from under the feathers. The tips of hi fingers seemed quite sharp. "'I'm daaangerous" he giggled.

Liara Karypto

Still, I'm sorry! It was still not alright. I should have rather tried to do something nice for you and help you than blocking.

Don't always try to do things on your own. We are there for you and do our best to support you. Take our offer once in a while.

*letting go of him and walking over to Gail*

... Was a close decision though 

*Sitting back down and leaning against Gail*

Dominic Logistical



I haven't seen an individual who can turn into something on command....So this is new..

Jack Karypto

*He sights, nodding slightly*


That idiot... kidnapping me to the hospital and then also taking my cigaretts...

*Shaking his head and leaning against the wall, observing Jamie and Dominic*

*Still the phone call in his mind. He already had premonitions... And they were nothing he would actually like to hear. He still needs to call back.*

*Though not wanting to call back while being in the same place as the soldiers. Not even calling in another room.*

Amé Logistical

Like I said, I don't get offended easily. I know I musn't burden things upon my shoulders. But it is a habit I am afraid.

*looked at Jack*

Slept well on an actual bed eh?

Jack Karypto

*Again pulled back by amé he grinned, Nodding slightly*

Yeah. Finally some better sleep.

Nice to be here again. Its still different than laying all day... I almost feel tired from walking so much today

*Laughs slightly*

And what about you? How is your recovery going?

Liara Karypto

Yes you told me. But still I'm sorry. To apologise also helps me to ease my own mind

*She then smiled slightly up to Gail*

I... Am actually starting to feel a bit tired. Do you actually want to stay here like last time? Or just laying down in one of the rooms? 

Amé Logistical

Heh....Sorry about that!


Better. Slowly getting there.

Gail Logistical


Ah well.....

Which ever makes you more comfortable...

Jamie TheSeaweed

"Me?,..oh, i do not posses shapeshifting abilities." the feathers soon moved aside, like curtains, until they moved behind his back. They were just wings, The body was pretty human looking, except the peacock tail, and clawy hands.

Liara Karypto

The room? I guess I'd feel watched by Jack and Amé if I'd stay here actually...

But only if you don't have any business here in that room anymore

*Yawns slightly*

Dominic Logistical

*tilted his head in confusion and fascination*

Jack Karypto

Nice to hear

*He smiled slightly lowering his voice a bit*

Amé? I know ya won't approve but I have to make a call today. And considering my thoughts may run wild after it considering the outcome I guess it would be best if I would stay in my world alone tonight. Any idea how I can tell it Dominic without having him worrying?

*Crossing his arms infront of his chest*