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Posted 2 years, 5 months ago (Edited 1 year, 11 months ago) by Heartless

Whenever you get new art of your characters, people who follow you are notified when you upload it and everyone can see. But when you write new content on your character profile, there's really no way to share that with your followers other than if you wanted to make a bulletin about it. So post here to show off your work on your character profiles! Whether you just finished an entire profile, or updated it with a new section or revised content, or maybe just changed the layout. If you want to share a profile that has character content on it or talk about an update you made to it, post about it here!

And if you decide to take a peek through other people's profiles, please do not ping them/post about it on this board. Try leaving them a comment or dropping them a PM, or just give them a favorite if you're too shy to say anything, I'm sure they'd appreciate it 'u'/

That's really it! A simple concept, I hope you all share you profile work, I would love to see it and I'm sure others would as well!

 Yayoi Grima

Ooooh I've been waiting for a thread like this! Thank you! I just got finished doing a bit of work on Yayoi's profile (after much procrastinating ;w;)


I recently finished up Nathanial's backstory! ^v^

Desiree Delittle Caine

Set up Desiree's bio ! 

 MAX Phantomsurf

Finally revised the bio for my peeper!

Lucien Caine

This gal got a bio update yesterday, I should have put it up way sooner but I was just plain lazy

 Luciel. incognito

I need to work on my boy's backstory, but I'm almost done with his general information~ xwx


Got his basics written down T///V///T <33

Jonathan Linden Caine

Holidays are a perfect time to work on profiles adf I made Jonathan's and Claude's bios all neat now

Irynae Rinell Monue

This is the unedited and poorly written profile I (mostly, kind of...) have completed for Irynae. I'm honestly tentative on the story, as I feel it's pretty bland and simple all things considered. Also it cuts out at the end, but that's because that stuff is more "canon" and not relevant for Rp purposes, and kind of a whole other thing entirely. Bleh. Anyways. Maybe someone will like her. <3

Mutton f1owercrown

Finally got around to Mutton's backstory! I found it really fulfilling to have his details fall into place; I first wanted to call him Mutton because it sounded cute, I wanted to nickname him Mu because it was also cute, and I didn't really know how else to connect the term "Mu" with his starry sweater, his lamb form, and the fact that he looks so sad (this was an adopt so it was even more challenging to brew up something). Eventually just figured things out as I typed (part of) his biography, I'm happy with it!! *0*


aaa I put down the bare minimum yesterday 3 I am going to start working on fleshing out profiles soon

Kota Marume Swizzle

This guy's information constantly changes the more I discuss things with the people who own connected characters, but other than that, his profile is pretty much solidified. These days, I'm adding art to his gallery (or at least attempting to).