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Posted 10 months, 27 days ago (Edited 4 months, 26 days ago) by Heartless

Whenever you get new art of your characters, people who follow you are notified when you upload it and everyone can see. But when you write new content on your character profile, there's really no way to share that with your followers other than if you wanted to make a bulletin about it. So post here to show off your work on your character profiles! Whether you just finished an entire profile, or updated it with a new section or revised content, or maybe just changed the layout. If you want to share a profile that has character content on it or talk about an update you made to it, post about it here!

And if you decide to take a peek through other people's profiles, please do not ping them/post about it on this board. Try leaving them a comment or dropping them a PM, or just give them a favorite if you're too shy to say anything, I'm sure they'd appreciate it 'u'/

That's really it! A simple concept, I hope you all share you profile work, I would love to see it and I'm sure others would as well!

I need to rewrite his personality and get an actual history written up, but I've FINALLY gotten Alberich's profile looking like I want it too!

Touched up all the different sections of Josh's profile and also added quite a few new links.

Update Nasim's profile to be mobile responsive (o o)9

Also updated Haru's profile to mobile responsive (o o)9

Touched up Cooper's profile some. Didn't realize how long his personality section was until I started editing it. XD I suppose it's not the longest personality section I've ever written, and I guess that just means I like thinking about how certain characters tick... Gotta get to everyone else in that folder though, since I'm pretty sure I wrote their profiles pretty early on so they're kinda messy still. ^^;

Finally got a proper layout up for Qiqun! Also finally listed added up his history. I still need to fill some sections out but... I've been overhauling characters like crazy the past couple days and I'm tired.

Fixed up Cal's profile as well, although his personality section needed a lot more reorganization that I thought it would. ^^;

Just made Collin's profile yesterday and i now see how relatable he is about his pet peeves

And now Vincent's profile is also up to date. Rewrote most of his profile section along with other little fixes here and there. I keep finding these profiles where the basic fields have gotten scrambled following the big site update. XD So much to catch up on...

Fixed this dude's profile enough I could take it out of my unfinished folder. Still an ugly ref because I'm sick and couldn't be bothered but eh whatever

I got done posting up all the profiles for this series of characters! There's really no way for me to condense all their story into profiles so it's like the basic amount though lol

this asshole doesn't deserve anything yet i wrote some crap for her anyway