Show me your pink haired chars!

Posted 1 year, 9 months ago (Edited 1 year, 5 months ago) by Prismakry

Show me your pink haired chars!

So, I'm pretty much obsessed with pink hair (I even had it myself long ago and would love to dye it pink again someday if I ever have a job where I can get away with it again!) so I figured why not make a thread for people to show off their babes with pink hair! Gender, race, etc doesn't matter, they  just have to have pink hair of any hue of pink :) 

I'll post with some of my own pink haired babes every so often, I have so many so may as well use them as bumping fodder, haha.

Carmen Prismakry

I shall start with my precious Carmen <3


I need more pink haired people...!! 



Oh gosh look at all the cute babies! I really love Fosshelm the most!



One can never have enough pink haired babies, for sure.

Helena Arondight Sang

Helena here, and if she counts, Jezebel!



They both certainy count and are great additions to the world of pink haired babes! Helena is easily my fav char of yours (and may or may not be the one I'm drawing for our trade, haha.)



Such a crime to not have more! hehe, kidding. He's adorable, though, thank you for sharing!

Candi Damyix

Here's my girl Candi! She's one of my only ocs to have pure pink hair? I have one with pink highlights but I don't think that counts lmao.
I really love her though and need to develop her more. Pink haired characters are so good.

August mysthetic

august's is super faded, but it's still pink lol



She's cute! I agree you should develop her more :)


Faded or not he's still a beautiful pink haired babe to me! Thanks for sharing :D

Katsu Blossomfall

This is my spoiled boy, Katsu!  He also has a younger sister here.  c:



They are both beautiful, thank you for sharing!