Show me your winged children!

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I love winged characters, I'm kinda surprised at myself that I have none. But I'd love to see all of yours!

(Also I'd rather you posted all your ocs that you want to share in one comment rather than a bunch of in character comments! This prevents my inbox from getting a lot of spam and makes it easier for me to see more cute children on one page rather than having to click through~ thank you<3)

I assume lovely lady harpies count ;D 


I am obsessed with wings, 9 out of my 16 characters has wings, that's over half xD

You should get yourself a winged character for sure, wings are amazing

I'll throw Flyca and my new guy Nyaeris at you :3

My descriptions need work I know '^^


Prismakry Why of course! I think I already mentioned that I like her design, and it sounds like she's had a harsh life, I hope it gets better and her new gf treats her well~

Toki They both look AMAZING! Aerius has so many wings I love it. And wow Crow is such a cutie, I love the little roses on his outfit, I'd wear a hoodie like that. They both seem really nicely developed too! //don't mind me as I go check out the rest of your characters~

GalaxySky I technically have Tsu but he was from an old rp group and he's retired now, but yeahhhh I need a new winged child.

I love Flyca, cats, wings, and the color blue are some of my favorite things! Fever has some gorgeous colors as well.

Here are all my babies with wings, although not all of them have art that includes their wings yet. XD I don't really like drawing wings all that much, especially if I have to color them. Addle here is the last winged character I've drawn, and them wings burned through my black colored pencils pretty well. Xel is probably my favorite winged character, but his wings are my least favorite to properly draw because their supposed to be six dragonfly wings that look like stained glass. DX I always avoid it or don't even bother drawing all the fanciness in the wings, although I'll have to draw a proper ref for them eventually...


Ahhh Tsu has such a neat design though, at least he can sit in your collection and look pretty? ;w;

Maybe you can get your hands on or design one soon! And thank you, Flyca is my baby haha '^^ I love all of the above as well~ I just received Fever though so I haven't been able to do anything with him xD


Oh my goodness the only thing I DON'T like about wings is shading them it's so time and resource consuming

I enjoy drawing the outline though. Xel's wings are so cool! I am used to seeing feathered bird like wings so his insect ones are refreshing haha :3

Kaja wears her angel wings out most of the time! And her girlfriends Djinni (a phoenix) and Jenna (a dragon) wear theirs out sometimes too.

Angelo and his child Det (dog-angel monsters) both have two sets of wings, Kezra (a demon) has butterfly wings, and Shalgiel (an angel) needs to be developed more has lots of wing!

edit: and?? me? i guess?? my sona has wings haha

TheLadyAnatola Ooh I see a lot of bat wings! I was thinking feathery ones when I made this thread but I love bat/demon wings a ton too!! And dragonfly wings, that's another super cool thing. I personally love drawing wings and translucent things~ Xel looks really nice too, he kinda reminds me of all my favorite characters from old manga I loved!

GalaxySky Ahh thank you yes I was so proud of him when I made him and now I can't bare to let him go!

catterfly Woah lots of cuties! And a ton of wing variety! Djinni's so pretty, she seems like she'd be wonderful to hug~ And Kerza has super pretty butterfly wings!

Hm~ Sage here is probably my most beloved winged character. She's a wolpertinger~

Another runner up is Alistair, my manticore anthro, though he doesn't really use his wings for anything other than to... look cool. xD

Other than that... I don't have a lot of winged characters? If I use wings, my preferred aesthetic is temporary or magical/symbolic wings, rather than permanent ones. ^^; Kinda weird I guess? Haha.

GalaxySky Right, I tend to avoid drawing my characters with giant feathery wings because it takes a long time to color. ^^; But if I'm just doodling them, then heck yeah wings. And thank you~

@Vinzeli lol, yeah, I think bat wings are a tiny bit easier for me to draw than feathery ones, usually because I manage to screw up the feather layers somehow when drawing them. And thanks. :3 Xel's one of my favorite characters, and even though I don't have a lot of recent art of him uploaded, I doodle him a lot and love writing about him and his escapades with his centaur friend... they get into a lot of trouble together. ^^; In my head Xel's wings look really cool, especially when reflecting light and while in motion but pfffffft I'm never gonna be good enough to draw that, so oh welllllll XD

 i have three! shin en and katriel ;v;