Do you own any of your dream charas?

Posted 2 years, 1 month ago (Edited 1 year, 11 months ago) by Animecafe102

ok so I've acquired quite a few of my dream characters and I'm super happy about it! I was wondering if any of you guys out there own any of your dream babies and if so how many and who are they?<3 to see min you can click the Dream Ocs tag on my page haha

Smoky Quartz CherriDynamite

He was my dream OC when I first saw him. I'm glad that I was able to snag him <3


CherriDynamite ahh he's adorbs! Congrats!<3

Vance Courtlandt Alastair

 Only one, but yes! I basically fell in love with Vance when I first saw him, and I was finally able to save up enough to get him.


I do not, sadly. I recently found who the new owner of my dream character is, tho, so I can at least admire him from afar... ; v ;

 Castiel lillywise

i own quite a few of my dream characters, but here is one of them!


I make the vast majority of my characters, so yes, I do own all my dream characters.

Luciana nitocris

I have a bunch of my dreamies, but Luciana is probably one of my tops!

Sage Stareater

I received this dream design in a trade! I had admired her since the artist was selling her so imagine my surprise when she was offered to me <3


theres really only two that i ever like super wanted and!! my friend jumped through 5000 hoops to get this one for me omg,, i have both now and im extremely happy :''') 


I create my own dream characters, does this still count ?

Celeste Shade

I'd have to say, probably this sugar bean. She was a raffle sale and I put in for her and one of the other two posted in her batch. T.T But she's so my aesthetic and I'm beyond happy to have this baby girl. 

Mimmut Mikazuki

 This boy here! I'm still extremely happy, too!! QAQ