Do you own any of your dream charas?

Posted 1 year, 11 months ago (Edited 1 year, 9 months ago) by Animecafe102

ok so I've acquired quite a few of my dream characters and I'm super happy about it! I was wondering if any of you guys out there own any of your dream babies and if so how many and who are they?<3 to see min you can click the Dream Ocs tag on my page haha

Octavius Beefy

This has literally been one of my favorite designs on this godforsaken website for months wtf? I was shook this morning when someone offered them to me not even knowing that I low key love them aOJDKS
I'm super excited to work with them!!

Megaera Amaranthe

I've been completely mesmerized by this design since she was first posted and I was do happy to find her on sale and at a discount!! I can't wait to develop her more!

Quetzalcoatl & Xochiyotl Peony

not so much a dream design but from a dream designer -- i've been wanting to get one of mayouji's closed species adopts the moment i laid eyes on them years back, and recently i finally found one on resale and made sure to buy them !! they're one of my favorite designs q o q

Toxi Ryallin

Thanks to a friend, I have this good robobot, and I love his design a lot

 ✧ Anthel glizzrybear

I just got her! I FINALLY got her!!!

Ever since she first came out I was super enamored with her design but I was short on cash and she was claimed pretty quickly T0T! Totally missed out on her while drawing the cutie. But now she's home and I'm super excited!!!!

✨💖 Cloud💖 ✨ creamii-clouds

Eek, she doesn't really have an amazingly cool or long story like all these cute beans but I'll share anyway. I saw her a while ago and loved her to bits. I knew she'd match my name and overall aesthetic (clouds, usually) perfectly. And, when I later realized her ref had clouds in the background, I knew that was the world saying, "Buy her, dummy! She's meant for you!" Thankfully, she was pretty cheap but DAMN was it hard to save up. I thought that it would be easy! Just sell a few characters. LOL NO! I only got one sale AFTER I had enough. It was really aggravating. If it wasn't for two gracious donations and forcing myself to open a discount commission, idk how long it would have taken. I just got her recently but I know I'm gonna love her forever and can't wait to spoil her.. 💕


Most of the characters I enjoy are highly valued by their owners and probably will never be sold by them.  This is because i become attached to characters by their personality and history not design.  This means that the ones I enjoy are well rounded and developed and well loved by their owners.  I don't necessarily want them though, I just really enjoy the character that's all.


my OCs are all hidden atm so I can’t post IC but I love talking about how I got my OC Jackie??? I wasn’t too into OCs or adopts when I found him and he was the first character I really loved! I was too late to AB but the owner ended up reselling just 2 weeks after buying and that’s when I snatched him ;;u; he’s been mine for a year and a half now!

Tavvie idiot

This guy?

I love him.

 Rue pax

Thankfully, yes. 😭

I only have two dream designs left, and once I get them, I can happily vanish from the adoptables community. 

Of these, Rue is a gift from Hound3. He has helped me get a lot of my dream designs and I'm always thankful to him huhuhu


Yes. I own Murmur who I love to pieces she's the Soft side of death.

Then there's my two Pariso's Hecate and Raum. There are still a few more out there that I am trying to get QQ

I got one of my favorite Quinguru's Pumpernickel that does have Pennywise (The Imp) attached to it. She is basically the God to all my OC's Universes. 

There is also.... Feed.... Which symbolizes fear for me.. He is a Vent sona.. That is by one of my favorite artists Boybites.

I also have a collection of Boybites designs... 

Rowan Atwood Kree-Kat

god, this boy. i just got him yesterday but i remember seeing him when reikii released this set back in 2017 and im so glad to have gotten my hands on him >//<

i have another design that i love loved but since it was a FC design in a trade folder i double i'll ever be able to find them again ;v;

Gneiss GalacticKarma

I got Gneiss here by chance! I was so sad to have missed her when she was originally sold as an adopt. But, by a stroke of luck I accidentally clicked into someone's UFT folder and, not only is she on toyhouse, she was for sale! I took as fast as I could.