Do you own any of your dream charas?

Posted 2 years, 1 month ago (Edited 1 year, 11 months ago) by Animecafe102

ok so I've acquired quite a few of my dream characters and I'm super happy about it! I was wondering if any of you guys out there own any of your dream babies and if so how many and who are they?<3 to see min you can click the Dream Ocs tag on my page haha

 Zixxii Gipsy_Danger

I falling in love with this girl from BoneziProxy long time ago since she still the main OC of the artist!

Can't believed that one day they would sell her, I grabbed Zixxii without considered with the price haha.

marigold strawberries-n-cream

when i first saw her i knew i loved her and i was able to save enough to buy her after a week ;v;

Mailey Magniventris

While I can't say I was watching him for eons looking for him to go on sale or anything, I can definitely profess to love at first sight. I saw him in a WTA and went right for it. I actually entered for several characters, but luckily for me, this was the boyo I got! His design is so simple but so nice, and his lore,,,,,,

♞ Christopher Adelheid HydeLee

Got Christopher last week!

Also was my last dream oc


Got Christopher last week!

Also was my last dream oc

Buster Gel Almondlover

Listen, back in 2014, Jbds closed on their original site, never thought I'd get another chance at owning more than one, let alone one with edits or mutations.

Cue late 2017, scrolling through dA, and something catches my eye. A jbd. But no! That can't be possible! But yet, there it was. I was livid. Went head over heels back into this species I was so obsessed with back then, and so I went scanning my way through all the adopts that had been posted since their revival. And there... I saw... HER. Or, well, him, since her previous owner had her as a male. A dachshund bean! Dachshunds are a very important dog breed for me, and thats also the type of dog I own. But alas, this bean already had an owner, and besides that, was 30$, so even if they went up for resale, I wouldnt have been able to get them at the time.

Cut to early this year, 2019. I look through the jbd refs folder and see that the lovely dachshund bean had gotten a transfer. Beautiful. At least their old owner hadn't just vanished with em.

Then... it happened. I was in the jbd discord, scrolling away. Someone posted in the adopts channel, with a few beana up for resale. It was there I saw her. The dachshund bean. And I went absolutely rabid. Within 30 seconds of the message being posted, I messaged the owner asking to put her on hold for me for a moment. I still had money left over from Christmas, but as my I use my mother's paypal, I had to get her permission. My heart was pounding, afraid that I was somehow to late. But I, of course, wasn't, and they responded. My mom said yes. I went bonkers. She fit the concept I'd created earlier that day to a T, and she was finally mine. Named her after two Dachshunds very important to me, Brewster and Jelly.

 Oshawott RK800

this girl! I always loved her! the first time I saw her I thought "oh my gosh she's such a doll!!!" 

then I saw she was up for a voucher a few years later and DANG was it a race against time to try and get her ;v;

// I had to purge some ocs to get her but dang was it worth it cause she's such a beauty who I've always loved ;v; <33 and now I'm def not gonna trade her

 San La Muerte DemonicAdversary

This boy is one of my all time favorite dreamy designs.... big ol fuckin tail

 Nkosana pax

THIS BOY. I never thought of owning him even if I loved his design so much because my friend doesn't really resell adopted designs that often. Then, lo and behold, he was for sale one day! I didn't want to pass the opportunity up, and it would have been sad for me if he became trading fodder, so I integrated him into my story and turned him into one of the royals of one of my setting. 

Xanthe Shamekh Forgetfully-lost

This girl!!! I loved her design so much and one day she was for sale and I had to snatch her up. Another dream design I own is Strawberry Showers who I made into Xanthe's gf.

♦ ♦ Abigail ♦ ♦ Jhielin

I OWN like 2 dream characters

her; ; ;

Nicholas Corduroy scubagirlKB

This baby here! Not a very complex design, but is probably my biggest dreamie ever because of how much sentimental value he has on me. I'll never give him up.

I would say the same goes for my baby boy Marlon, but other than that all of the characters I've truly clicked with are ones I've designed myself!