Show me your short male characters

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I'm a very short adult man myself so I'm always appreciating short male characters (especially if they're adults), but they're kind of rare in fiction! And when they are there, they're usually made into some sort of joke. 
So show me your short boys so I can love them 👀

This boy here is a small bab measuring 1m57 which is veeery small for a boy lmao you can look at this piece and notice how smaller than his girlfriend he is ! he is now adult at 20 and grew to 1m61 which is still small I think ! 


//Let's cheer up I'm small myself I actually gave him my own height except I'm a girl//

I love me some short guys! They're an underutilised body type and when they are used, they usually fall into the same few stereotypes :c

▶︎ A's 153 cm or 5 foot tall, which considering his racial background is actually not that short, but since people of his ethnicity are rare where he currently lives it does make him really short. 
▶︎ The Botanist is 151 cm or 4'11 tall. Again, he has his ethnicity on his side, but for his ethnicity it's less common to be that small. He's an exception!
▶︎ Quentin is 120 cm or 3'11 tall and has a very chubby build. For his species he is average but he lives in a society where most people are human sized, so he has a lot of downsides because the world is built for people two feet taller than him.
▶︎ Chris is 155 cm or 5'1 tall and is married to a woman who's a good 15 cm taller than he is. He personally doesn't mind but wishes he was taller to pack more strength.
▶︎ Florence is 157 cm tall or 5'2. In his case, he's a fresh young adult, which for his species means he still has some growing to do. He still counts because he looks like he's older than he is!
▶︎ Cafun's in the same boat; at 16, he's 162 cm or 5'3 tall and he has a little bit of growing to do, especially with how his parents are both taller than he is.
▶︎ Markus used to be a lot smaller until he got his goat legs, and even after they bumped up his height he's still just 160 cm or 5'3 tall. He's slowly learning to accept it.
▶︎ Seranet is 161 cm or 5'3 tall, mostly taking after his non-pureblooded mother. He was spared by the pureblooded side of the family's height but still isn't that tall.
▶︎ Levi is 162 cm or 5'4 tall, and even though he already grew a lot compared to when he was a teenager, he's still growing.

It may sound strange, but above this mark I consider my characters to be average. You've seen how many characters below 163 cm I have c':

Some other guys I have that are considered small by others: The Doctor, Epheil (165 cm or 5'5), Nathan, Riley, Sevas (167 cm or 5'6), Olivier (168 cm or 5'6), Tomius (169 cm or 5'6), Etisi, Benethel, and Cor (170 cm or 5'7).

Ace-Of-Shadow "Please tell him I love him"he looks so cute ; o ; 

ElithianFox Tell me about it, it's honestly really often SUCH a struggle to even find short male characters who are treated as humans by their own creators in fictional lmao. I'm only 5'0'' myself and I grew up thinking I'm disgusting for being this short and that totally didn't help

I'm so happy you have so many short guys I feel #alive ;_; 

I actually have few adults but well

Tarmo is quite short but he's neither male nor female though

(I'm actually quite short myself but I got no problem with it, because at least the view people got on small people is better than their view on females)

My life goal is, in fact, to make as many short guys as possible so I'm gonna list mine too (or the ones I have on TH at least)

  • Alois is 159cm but he is very scrawny and takes so very little space from around him that he often appears kind of smaller than he is
  • Cau is somewhere between 143-146cm. His kind is generally very short anyway though
  • Claude is 155cm when he is 14 and as an adult is roughly 160cm so he doesn't end up being very tall at all. He is very much fine with it 
  • Cyrus is 152cm at 14 and as an adult around the same height as Claude, so he ends up being pretty short too and he hates it
  • Ilja ends up being on the shorter side too as an adult, probably around 161-162cm or maybe even slightly shorter. Ilja, Alois and Claude are all relatives so they kind of have that short height in family, haha
  • Thomas is 143cm when he is 14 and around 152cm as an adult. He is physically weak and sickly since birth so it has stunded his height and development, as well as his poor living conditions in early childhood 

did someone ask for SHORT CHARACTERS

Panu is about 154cm at max, he's a short baby!! he's about 20-21 years old too haha. then there's cataire, idk if you consider him short but he's about 160cm tall, he's a teenager thought but won't rly grow anymore. 

What a blessed thread... I'm in the same boat, so it's nice to see people like me get some love :D I have a lot of short guy OCs myself, but of the ones I have public: Cohe is a short and squat adult man at 5'0" (~153 cm), and Dee is a tiny 4'8" (~142 cm). Don't let the fact that he's only 13 fool you, because he's undead... so that's about as big as he's gonna get!

Krul is only 5'1'' though not really that adult,just 17 years old. Most of my boys are short ;v;

Scott here is about 5'5''/165cm he's also a bit stocky with kind of a thick build so he still has a little bit of room presence even if he's shorter than most of my characters. 

Fred is 5'2" and 23. He often tried to be the loudest in the room to make up for his lack of height. 

@traumau I'm gonna smooch them both right now!! ;____;

5inthemorning I'm here to gather together the most blessed content B) Also have I ever told you I love your kids so much, I think you were one of the first people I subbed here when I joined??

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Lainykins That's extremely relatable tbh (he looks so cool I'm... swooning a bit..)

Felix is shorter than average at 5'4  (162cm) He was insecure about it when he was younger but now he embraces it as being something that makes him standout.

my shortest character overall is an adult man, actually- ceri is 4'9"/145 cm of death and smiles

Gus here is 4' 11" and he's an adult technically? He's 19 going on 20. 

Though I do have a scattering of male characters that are between 5'2" and 5' 5".