Show me your short male characters

Posted 6 months, 21 days ago (Edited 6 months, 15 days ago) by Caine

I'm a very short adult man myself so I'm always appreciating short male characters (especially if they're adults), but they're kind of rare in fiction! And when they are there, they're usually made into some sort of joke. 
So show me your short boys so I can love them 👀

Caine Owen is 4'03". He's a giant compared his fairy kin, but compared to other cyclopes, he's smol(cyclopes in my lore are about the size of a human). He's a teenager, but he won't get more than a few inches taller.

Chigai is four feet and eleven inches of pure kindness!

Periwinkle's a smol boy! Only about 1 foot tall.

Bloodlust, or Liam here is pretty short for a guy: a mere 5 feet even. He hates it, and it's a very sore subject for him. While he's pretty strong, mean, and fearsome, a huge part of the deal between him and his height draws from my own insecurities about growing up as a short man. He overcompensated for it at first, which is partially the reason who grew up to be so aggressive and strong, but eventually came to terms with it, and doesn't let it bother him that much now.

Lee is 5'3, hes a short bab but he doesnt mind it

This is Giovanni Esposito! He's 4'10 and he has a love for food and culinary gastronomy (in other words culinary arts lol). He's 13 years old and is currently my shortest character

5'2", just the right size to knock his head into your chin >:')

but nah, he's just a small shark with way too much attitude.

hiroyuki is 5'2" and he gets really irritated if you talk about how short he is :')c

This is my crossdressing bby who stands at 4'7 and will fight you with hugs

Meisel is 3'8, fairly short even for his species.

My Grey Warden here stands at 5'5" (although that's about standard for a male elf in this universe... hope that's fine).

He'll kick butt and take names.

I'm ashamed to admit I only have two, maaaybe three male characters that are on the "short" side. I consider short for my boys to be 5' 5" or under.

There's Cato who is 5' 4". His height doesn't play into his character at all so his height is not played up as a joke at all. He's just short and kind of chubby and cute.

Then there's Davin who is also 5' 4", but he does sort of fit into the "height is a joke" category. He's the only member of his immediate family whose under 6' tall. The entire point though is that he takes after his short Japanese grandmother, and not his average Irish father or his fucking giant Irish Mother.

My Shane here is only 152cms or 5"0 which is VERY short for someone of his race/ethnicity and age. He doesn't like it but he knows he can't do a thing about it so he just has to accept it.

Kane is 5'3"!!