Show Me Your Multicolored Hair OCs!

Posted 1 year, 9 months ago (Edited 1 year, 8 months ago) by Lea_Suki

I always like seeing OCs with cool hair colors, so please post away any multicolored hair ocs you have!

Here are a few of mine!




Desdemona vampyric

desdemona here is the main one with multicolored hair!
but there's also shaia... (with a bonus des so she's not lonely gjkshgkjsh!)

Amaki👠 Sevenlole

I actually have a lot of multicolored hair OCs but I just added her recently

blonde (dyed) hair with pink tips and blue tips on her left sidelock

Freya YourLoveOnly

I have a few OCs with multicolored hair, but the most colorful one is for sure Freya!

Encore Mania Callosyx

I have lots with multi-colored hair but Encore definitely wins 


I've got

  • Laurie (a newbie!) - her hair fades from yellow to dark orange!
  • Ruby - her blonde hair has some red dip dye!
  • Umeko - mostly brown hair, but her ponytail fades to peach!
  • Yumi - half pink, half purple!
Ned glamgoths

My scene boy....

Phoebe tentaclecuddles

phoebe was my best attempt at spiting everyone who says you can't make a good oc design that has rainbow hair lmfao

Cherry Myuuli

My bratty oni bab. She loves decora fashion and her hair shows it!

Valentine Hanae

This boy has hair with two colors o wo

kaitlyn . lovebug

not the most exciting colors, but she is all i have surprisingly ...

Mūsu SlyAsAFox

Muusu got some purple and blue hair uvu

Katlas hair turns black on the ends and she got a streak, Lacrimas might count aswell, her hair turns white on the ends