Show Me Your Multicolored Hair OCs!

Posted 1 year, 11 months ago (Edited 1 year, 11 months ago) by Lea_Suki

I always like seeing OCs with cool hair colors, so please post away any multicolored hair ocs you have!

Here are a few of mine!




HACK3R toontastiic

HACK3R dies their hair constantly, to keep it the same colors

Lilith Babygirlexe

This crazy babe has two toned hair

Kingyo【金魚】 Parfaits

This goldfish dragon son has gradient hair 🐉✨

Zoku Sasuwuke

Zoku has a couple different colors in her hair!

Lane RomieTears

Party-girl alien with gradient hair! nwn


Hi! I have two >:3 Theres:


And jinko! Her older brother:

Also i think asteria counts? Not sure,! I dont have their profiles done yet though, sobs 

Also all the ocs here are super cute!!

✞ 001-Toby Trolluminati

Toby has partially white hair. It's a trait running in his family (here his grandma)

Shiro has half black half white hair. Shayna has only two little differently coloured strands (man i feel bad i thought i would have more to offer)

Echo Josie

"I do!"

Jax Ressy

This guy constantly gets his hair done to avoid roots showing!


this cheerful boy

Ayla Whittaker Justt-K

I have others, but Ayla's is really visible in her icon.
She's a were-african wild dog, so naturally I gave her hair to match!

Darcy njike

So many... I love black vs white the best though, I think!

Eleora cosmic-cockatoo

Eleora's got this wacky purple-blue ombre going on. Her hair is natural, because when you're an immortal winter goddess, it can be any color you want.

Lolly Ari-gator

hard to pick just one out of many, but Lolly's hair is pretty boss