Show me your human guys!

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no fantasy no sci-fi

just good modern boiiiiis

bonus points for natural looking ones ;)


I'm gonna start with my Victor!

I have some modern-day looking human dudes, like Vic for example ! :0

and a few other dudes if you like: Red, SeanGunther

Humanoid? Does this mean this forum is open to those who are not human but look human? Or is it just for human characters? I read Victor's profile to see if that'd answer my questions but it didn't...

Though! This is my human character Bryce. He's modern and really just a human- nothing else.


Shun is just your average all human guy! His little sister, though. Oh boy. Not so much! 

hes just.... a normal guy

woo most of my characters are more or less just modern humans! i'm gonna post tex here bc i just got his profile up last night... technically his story is like... surreal/paranormal but all the characters in it are just normal humans in our modern world so!

carson's a psychophysicist (sorta the cross between psychology and physics, he studies perception). also he's a big sweetheart.

Lamech is a single gay owner of a cafe who raises his younger sister. He's pretty much a boring vanilla human in my sea of monster chars and I love him, lol

From all my original characters i made, i believe Jay Jay/ Bubba the Basketball clown is the most normal. A Japanese Commercial star that loves making people happy.

Dude, I got so many.

I introduce Bill first. A teenage boy, who works at a fast food restaurant and hates the main character.

I have a shit ton of modern humanoids lmao like... 99% of my mains xD Here's one of them and you can see the rest Here !

Number 2: Korean Emo kid annoyed to death by sheep. Just a normal guy who doesn't want to be disturbed, but is.

I got a lot more. Ask me if you want

i thought i had only one but remembered i have maxwell too, he's just a regular guy who kinda believes in aliens but not in anything else but facts (the other one is red who doesn't even have good pictures of himself yet LOL, he's a super positivine pizza deliver guy!) i should really write their infos...

blythe is actually my only human guy! i usually go for more fantasy-based characters.

he's pretty femme but still a dude

+ his hair is dyed so the only thing non-natural about him is his eye color otl

I got a few! 

This guy works as a teacher at a boarding school and is a really nice and positive person.