Dorky References In Character Design

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When creating a character. Sometimes we like to throw in a bit of the things we enjoy into their creation. Be it a small reference to a game we enjoy, styling their hair to resemble someone from a movie we enjoy, or maybe giving them a name or personality that mirrors a character we love. At times our character can be filled with all sorts of small references big and small. From the ones that people know at a glance to ones that need a good bit of explaining. It doesn't matter which in this thread. Feel free to share the references that helped make the character who they are today.

However please note this is a thread for references. Small things that informed part of a character's design but not the character itself. For this basically think of it like this. A character's design could have references to a game, movie, show, or comic but cannot be a fan-character for said media.  

If you need some examples on character design references :
My character Fabian wears a tooth necklace in reference to the Halo short story "Head Hunters"
My character Scott has a pet pig named Tuskers which is in reference to a card in the game Hearthstone.
And my character Shizuki has a phone charm in the shape of the horde symbol from World of Warcraft. 


Digi's aesthetic and design is based on Splatoon, her theme is even an OST from the game lol.
Gingi's hairstyle is a reference to Chibiusa's buns from Sailor Moon!
A weird one, but Spider Lily's overall design is kind of a reference to Widowmaker from Overwatch. They're like a mash up of her skins x x


I came up with Hari's character and design, mostly loosly based on myself but also some on Broadcast Illusion by GHOST, and her character Kennith


Zachary's weapon of choice came from Falco's cutscene introduction from the Subspace Emissary while Marie's gun was inspired by Carmelita's Shock Pistol from Sly Cooper


Viridian was mainly supposed to be a messenger for my retired plotline that I had last year. I was inspired by the green dude in this comic , therefore Viridian was created. Viridian used to look more like a scary monster, sort of like that green dude, but Viridian went through a TON of design phases, and now he looks more like a deer-creature XD

Quentin Reinhart Mochagatari

If it counts, Quentin's design was majorly influenced by human designs for Bill Cipher (mostly these ones!), particularly in the way I draw his legs and his "dapper" sense of style and dress. 

I do this a lot with quite a few of my characters, I don't think I can name all of them XD


 Hushy's mouth or the gaping white hole is loosely a reference to the Betz Mystery Sphere!^^


I've only got one but Ed L's shirt has a Frogzard on it.

Beekeeper (Vincent Fuchs) esskaid

if you watch vinesauce, you'll notice that Beekeeper's entire character is based on the running gag of Vinny and bees.

"vincent fuchs" "beekeeper"


Kind of a loose one, but my secretary OC, Lizzie Belle was originally based on Isabelle from Animal Crossing. She's a bit different now, but her name is still a reference, since Lizzie Belle sounds very close to Isabelle!

A slightly more involved reference, but Naria Kaneko, my demon hunter OC, is basically one giant Shin Megami Tensei reference. Even her family name, Kaneko, is a reference to the artist behind many of SMT's famous monster designs!

Rhyme Tezuka is another big one, since they're essentially a huge MegaMan and Astro Boy reference. I designed them to sort of be a mix between the two, while their name has a musical theme, like Rock from MegaMan and their last name, Tezuka, is a reference to Osamu Tezuka, the creator of Astro Boy.

Jimmy "The Rat" Scordato varkarrus

Oh yeah, forgot one

Jimmy the Rat is based very loosely off of Johnny the Ghost from Monster By Mistake. How's that for obscure?

(Really the only similarities are the name, the fact they're ghosts, and that they both play jazz)

Eyze Firenze Wonderland

Eyze has the red hood from little red riding hood and an Alice in wonderland dress, she used to have ruby slippers too, I might readd them! Ooh! And the apple from Snow White!

 ∇ 01-Skullman Trolluminati

It's not an actual series, but a fictional one that appears in my stories as a fictional one. I have references to him not only on some characters but also in the comics.

Kit for example has Skullman's head on his shirt. Also in this comic you can see Skullman and another hero on Kit's wall. and you can also see Rammstein

Claude Lovelace Caine

Sinfonia's main cast is like... almost entirely based on 70s (shoujo) manga tropes because it started out as a joke I was supposed to post on April fools and never continue after that. 
Claude and Jonathan are the very definition of the unpredictable blond and practical brunette trope duo (see Devilman, Empire of Corpses and Romeo no Aoi sora for examples). 
Leon was based on the "older student who was held back a year or more" similar to Heart of Thomas' Oscar and Kazeki's Pascale, although he eventually became less of a mentor/big brother and more of a geneneral irresponsible jackass. 
Jet is that very spesific serious dark haired type especially in older shoujo, it's that dark hair + haircut that makes it. He ended up being really motherly and the emotional support of the team ; v ; 
Rick got the "angry small gremlin" and he lives up to the aesthetic, although is surprisingly mature compared to what characters of that trope usually are like

As for non-Sinfonia main characters, my child group was super loosely based on series aesthetics I liked. Rosemarie's is Rose of Versailles, Thomas' name is lent from The Heart of Thomas, Karl's is World Masterpiece Theatre. Ilja is more of a Cinderella reference in some weird way, although I swear I had something in mind for him too back then. 

It's really clear I love old manga/anime lmao 

For other things, Anna's name was inspired by Anna from The Little Vampire book series which I LOVED as a kid and her hair style is a super vague reference to the weird movie version of Anna