Give a Singing Voice to the Character Above!

Posted 1 year, 6 months ago (Edited 1 year, 6 months ago) by Lemonburgers

Just a forum game where you give the character above you a singing voice from a song whether it's from a musician or a character in some sort of movie, musical, cartoon, etc.!

Rules (Might add more if necessary):

1. Be kind and respectful towards the other users (and block words if considered offensive)

2. Post IC (I don't mind if you post the same character over and over again)

3. Make sure to claim and finish your post (as well as make the character of choice be accessible)!

Amlet KEiSD


Maybe this?

Hallows Aikaikaik


I tried to get as close as I could with his headcanon voice! Perhaps something a bit like this?

Aethea kirakiraprince


Not sure who it is specifically since I'm still new to their music, but I'd say one of the people from SPG, specifically the person who says "Down by the sea" in

Amlet KEiSD


Maybe be this?:

Ember Kennet Lemonburgers


How about Mi-Chan?

Charlotte Knight Mochagatari

Possibly like the lead of Hey Monday?

*Kei $50 obo KEiSD

Maybe Ketsuban here?

Rose Caine

@keistew Maybe Yuuto? I imagine Kei's voice a slightly higher in pitch but Yuuto has the kind of softness and "warmth" I'd imagine Kei's voice having ; v ;

Yule uraumi

Caine I imagine Rose would sound like , who is a member of R*bbits. Honestly, any member of R*bbits would fit semi-well ( but nazuna seems to fit... the best....

You can hear his voice here too (, sorry that I don't have his voice clip alone.

Sebastian Neverwing Wolfyyoyogamer

i thought of <3

bogemini idk why i thought of this lol

(person below me, you can just choose one of them haha)

 Arawareta Akeye Volans

I think Gem would sound like this. I imagine Nya would have the exact same voice, but she pitches her voice a little higher to differentiate herself from her twin, plus she likes singing higher-pitched songs in general.

Alternatively, actual twin sisters.