Give a Singing Voice to the Character Above!

Posted 6 months, 13 days ago (Edited 5 months, 28 days ago) by Lemonburgers

Just a forum game where you give the character above you a singing voice from a song whether it's from a musician or a character in some sort of movie, musical, cartoon, etc.!

Rules (Might add more if necessary):

1. Be kind and respectful towards the other users (and block words if considered offensive)

2. Post IC (I don't mind if you post the same character over and over again)

3. Make sure to claim and finish your post (as well as make the character of choice be accessible)!

how about ashley from the k-pop group ladies' code? :^0

cyantrashcan Roland Orzabal from Tears For Fears comes to mind for me :'^0
(but that is also probably because I have been listening to nothing but new wave for the past two weeks)


Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay singer seems to fit him for some reason..

starrmii It might be a tad too low but this guy's voice?

Oh gosh this is really nice omg

edit: Caine I'm kind of thinking the youtuber kran, like in this cover? I imagine Cyrus's voice would be transitioning at that age due to puberty, but idk maybe it's just because Senbonzakura is so catchy lol.

One of my friends said she thinks Emily would be a good singer sooo here we go? :'D

Dolce She makes me think of Vashti Bunyan, but if Vashti were younger... maybe Linda Perhecs instead? Definitely one of those understated, pretty, quiet folk singers.


Something about Aquila makes me think of Atlas, more specifically the softness he has in this song, if not even softer

kirakiraprince Tbh, i think Malukah ( but with like a rougher voice or something? idk i suck at this

Maybe something like this? (singing starts at 0:37)

of course!!

You can do Ryanne or Atticus

How about this? It Will Be Me - Melissa Etheridge

Maka is male if you couldn't tell!

Not what I imagined, but not bad! I like it for him ~


Maybe Loren here?

Oooh maybe something like thiiiiiiiiiis?