Post as your OC's 'Shadow Self'

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"I am a shadow... The true self..."

I'm not sure if this has already been done, but I thought I thought it'd be a cool idea! Basically, in this topic you make a post as an OC's 'Shadow Self'. For a further explanation, a 'Shadow Self' is the side of ourselves that we like to repress and pretend doesn't exist. However, that side of you is, of course, still you. So for this topic, think about your characters and what sort of thoughts, emotions or feelings they might be hiding from everyone else. Then, personify that into a 'Shadow Self' version of your character, who embodies everything they'd rather hide or deny about themselves.


  • This doesn't necessarily have anything to do with any secrets your character might have, although there is a good chance they might tie into their repressed Shadow Self. 
  • Blank out any content that could be deemed sensitive or NSFW. Like this.
  • Write as much or as little as you need to! This is just a fun little exercise to help develop your characters.
  • Have fun!

To provide an example, here's Kimiko's Shadow Self:

 "I am a shadow... the true self! God... all I want is for people to just tell me how much they love me. If I have to lie a little bit to get them to do that, then so be it! I'm so lucky to have some pretty gullible friends... if they knew how much of a sham I was, it'd be all over for me! That's what I am, a sham, a fraud! And I love it! So why should I stop? Because it isn't right to lie? Because tricking people is wrong? As if that'll make me stop! Without these lies, i'm nothing! Just a dumb otaku, without any real friends or a real job.

Lying gets me exactly what I need out of life. There's no way i'll stop... i'll never stop."

"I am shadow... the true self... I'm happy being alone because I think I'm not needed! Just my brother's shadow, the unfunny, introverted little sister! The uncool, the antisocial, the shy sister who is always on his way! I never do anything right and my kind has no room for living in this world anymore! I wish I was more like my brother but I'm not and I'll never be, and I'll keep on lying myself I'm good like this but I know I'm not!" 

"I remember it all. My family, her family, our hometown, the way the Academy tore it all apart and I'm still here, watching. I've forgotten how to sleep because every time I close my eyes the nightmares come back and I am afraid. I want to trust my brother again, but I am afraid. I want to leave this hellhole of an institution, but I am afraid. Even now I'm afraid that the few people I have left will leave me, so I push them away."

"I am a shadow, the true self. My father needs to be punished. He deserves no mercy at all... he has made so many people suffer, including me and Mr. Caliburn. He deserves all of that pain and more. I have to be the one to make him pay. I'll avenge everyone he's ever hurt and finally, he'll learn that you can't treat people like playthings! I can't... I can't let anyone get in my way either..."

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"I am the Shadow. .. the true self. I just realy wanted to grow up like other kids. I i would love to do things they can do too. my parents should stop to protect me from everything. I want to becom a real member of there gang not olny because i am there child. I want to show i can do thinks on my own!!

"I am a shadow, the true self.

You're pitiful and a liar, you take lives because you're scared to question your role in life. Paint it as you want it, but you know they don't deserve your help, they never have and they never will. What have they done for you? Take their lives and continue to be terrorised by fear and self disgust. You deserve no better. Maybe one day you'll get your wish, and someone will stop you. So the voices can quiet and the blood stops."

"I am a shadow, the true self. It's my sister's fault i'm in this situation. It's all her fault. If she didn't exist, then I wouldn't be so alone right now... and maybe, mother and father might actually love me. I mean... who could blame me for doing what I did? She was the one getting all the attention... mother and father always appreciated her and not me. Then she had the gall to pity me and act as if we were friends! I had to do something... but even then, I couldn't escape my eternal loneliness. It's. All. Her. Fault!"

"I am a shadow, the true self. There's really, no reason for me to be alive. Everyone hates me, my friends will leave me. I wish my parents wanted me, instead of hitting me and starving me. To be honest, I'd stay in the Static for as long as I needed to let my real body die, just to show them that they should have appreciated me. Too bad.. I have friends here."

"I am the shadow...The true self! I feel so awfully alone.  My husband gets mad at me for wanting his attention all the time but is it really wrong for your spouse to expect attention?!  I've accepted it now... he must no longer want me.  No one wants me.  I'm a failure.  I can't make anyone happy or make them stay.  Only my death will bring them happiness.  Then, I will finally bring happiness to those I love..."

"I am a shadow, the true self. Despite being an angel, religious doctrine disgusts me. So many people falling ill to fairy-tales made up to keep them staunchly devout. I want nothing more than an end to it all, but that wouldn't be right for someone meant to hold such purity in their hands. I'm a pitiful excuse for a spiritual being meant to be the divider between God and men. I want nothing but to break it." 

"I am a shadow... the true self. Honestly, I don't like being bad. I'm bad at being bad. A bad baddie but not in the way I want to be. But that's okay because if I actually caused any harm, if my attempts to hurt actually went though, I know I wouldn't be able to live with myself. It's good that i'm a sucky super villian! (Even if i'll never admit it.)"

"I am a shadow... the true self.I am so grateful for the one in my life I truly love them ,but I am not good enough and no matter how much I try I feel they will leave me.I will never amount to appeal to my parents,I want to tell them but at the same time I don't care,I have found others that were better classified as parents.I distance myself in fear of harm but not too far."

"I am shadow... the true self...despite my recovery I still feel like I am not good enough for anyone. I don't derserve my happiness. My friends are stupid to like me. I am selfish and a bother."